Billy Bob Brown

Billy Bob Brown has rodeo in his blood. The Carbon, Texas, cowboy comes from a long line of rodeo athletes, including his father, Kris, mother D’aun, and sister Krystal. More than his love of team roping and the rodeo way of life, Billy Bob relishes time spent on his family’s cattle ranch. Atop a horse is where he’s most in his element, and he’s known for taking impeccable care of his mounts. Once a pediatric patient himself, Billy Bob is an active participant in the Cowboys Who Care organization, visiting children’s hospitals to spread joy to kids in treatment.

Why I Choose Platinum Performance

“Having my horses perform at their best and feel good while doing it means everything. They are my only way to accomplish life-long goals! The road takes a toll on them, this is why I feed Platinum.”

Billy Bob's Formulas for Success
  • Joint Supplements for Horses
    Platinum Performance® CJ

    The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula + Complete Joint

    Our most potent joint support formula combines a whole-horse wellness formula with comprehensive joint support. ...

    Starting at $151.00
  • Platinum Gastric Support®
    Platinum Gastric Support®

    Helps Maintain Equine Stomach and Hindgut Health

    Platinum Gastric Support® helps maintain healthy gastric acid levels in the stomach, as well as normal intes...

    Starting at $95.00
  • Healthy Weight Oil for Horses
    Healthy Weight

    A Healthy Source of Omega-3 Fatty Acids

    Rich in omega-3 fatty acids, Healthy Weight is supportive in many ways including allergy response, and skin, coa...

    Starting at $52.00
  • Platinum Balance®
    Platinum Balance®

    A Daily Probiotic to Support Digestive and Immune Health

    Platinum Balance® is a source of a well-documented strain, Lactobacillus helveticus (Lactobacillus Lafti® L1...

    Starting at $31.00
  • Ortho-Chon® Plus
    Ortho-Chon® Plus

    Advanced Support for Joint Health now with Hyaluronic Acid

    Ortho-Chon® Plus contains phytonutrients from Phellodendron and Turmeric that may support the body's natural...

    Starting at $59.00
  • Vitamin D3
    Vitamin D3

    Supports Bone and Immune Health

    Vitamin D is a nutrient affecting all cells in the body. Without it, calcium cannot be absorbed and used for mai...

  • Platinum Multivitamin and Mineral Formula
    Platinum Multivitamin and Mineral Formula

    Once Daily Multi-Vitamin

    Platinum Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Formula provides a balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants designed to s...


Billy Bob Brown is a sponsored endorsee and actual client.