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To show our appreciation for service, Platinum Performance® provides benefits to support the health and wellness of active duty U.S. military personnel, veterans and current first responders in police, fire and county sheriff departments. Building a personalized nutritional plan is easy with our high-quality nutritional formulas for you, your horses and your pets. From the entire team at Platinum Performance®, we thank you for your service.

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Platinum Performance® was founded in 1996 to provide veterinarians and horse owners a source of high-quality nutritional formulas based on research and clinical experience. In the past several decades, we have learned specific changes in nutrition can support the overall health and performance in not just horses, but also people and their pets. Advanced nutrition represents a revolution in comprehensive health, and Platinum Performance® is committed to helping our military and first responder community understand the connection between diet and health. A primary goal is to take the guesswork out of nutrition and help achieve optimal health through balanced, high-quality nutritional supplementation that will support overall performance and recovery. One of the goals of our exclusive Military & First Responder Appreciation Program is to provide you with a resource in the area of nutrition and help provide tools to ensure you are making the right decisions to promote longevity and optimize performance.

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