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  • Weight Management

    Mary S. & Breeze

    "When I came across "Breeze," she was severely underweight. I immediately started her on Platinum, and within three onths there was a noticeable difference in her appearance, her coat was getting slicker and she was becoming much more bright-eyed and happy. I definitely contribute that to Platinum."
  • Gastric Health

    Josh & Carri V.

    "The Platinum Gastric Support has proven to me it does what it was made for, support our horses appetite and digestion. This product helped one of my futurity horses this year already. He had stopped eating his grain and because he's a three year old getting ready for the futurities, we made a guess that he had maybe developed some ulcers. We did some research and found that the Platinum Gastric Support is VERY affordable and made to aide in appetite, digestion and gastric health."

Breaking Ground

The Transformation of Equine Joint Treatment

Insights by Masters in the Field, Doctors Wayne McIlwraith and Larry Bramlage on the Revelation of Arthroscopy & Therapies of the Future.

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