Shane Hanchey

Tie-Down Roping

Shane Hanchey

"The reason my horses and I choose Platinum Performance is pretty simple. It's the best horse supplement in the game period. Platinum CJ is the best joint supplement on the market, and it’s imperative my horses have the best joint support possible. It’s an easy choice."

Rookie of the Year to World Champ

The Sulphur, Lousiana cowboy was the PRCA’s Tie-Down Roping Rookie of the Year in 2009. Since then, he’s lived up to all the hype about him. The 2018 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo marks Shane Hanchey’s 9th consecutive trip to the superbowl of rodeo. His equine partners have included the famed Reata, whom Shane first started riding in high school and won his first world title with. With Reata now in retirement, Si, Pam Pam and Bam Bam are carrying on the legacy and have helped Hanchey win Cheyenne Frontier Days, The Fort Worth Stock Show, The Denver Stock Show & Rodeo to name just a few of their major recent accomplishments.

Shane's Formulas for Success

+ joint
Platinum Performance® CJ
The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula + Complete Joint

Our most potent joint support formula combines a whole-horse wellness formula with comprehensive joint support. Popular with performance horses and senior horses, Platinum Performance® CJ is the only supplement of its kind. Developed in veterinary practice, it provides extensive joint support with ASU, hylauronic acid, cetyl-myristoleate, MSM and glucosamine for joint health. It includes Platinum Performance® Equine to support every part of the horse from digestion, skin & coat, hooves, and more.
Recommended daily dosage for a 1,000 lb horse is 2 scoops, which is 2 servings.
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Price starting at $154.00
Helps Maintain Equine Stomach and Hindgut Health

Platinum Gastric Support® helps maintain healthy gastric acid levels in the stomach, as well as normal intestinal protein levels. This formula is recommended for performance horses, foals experiencing stress from weaning, and any horse prone to gastric health issues.
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Price starting at $99.00
High Performance Equine Athlete Formula
The ultimate in athletic support formulas, Platinum Power® is a combination of four premium performance formulas. Beta Lip-Ox® to support ATP production for cellular energy. Hemo-Flo® helps support healthy blood pressure and proper blood flow during exercise as well as the delivery of nutrients important for the athletic horse. Myo-Vet® supports lean muscle mass. Platinum BCAA combines branch chain amino acids to help maintain muscle tone.
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For Equine Athletic Performance Recovery

Platinum Renew® helps maintain muscle strength, supports performance recovery, and reduces soreness and fatigue by providing amino acids (the building blocks of protein) and antioxidants, and replenishing healthy levels of electrolytes. This potent formula supports horses' recovery after exercise or work and should be given within one hour after exertion. Also available as Renew Paste, convenient for pre- and post-performance and 2 times as potent as Renew powder.

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Advanced Hoof Support Formula for Horses
Platinum Hoof Support was designed to support healthy hoof strength and growth in horses by providing concentrated levels of highly bio-available Biotin, as well as trace minerals Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Cobalt, and important amino acids L-Lysine and Methionine. Platinum Hoof Support should be used in conjunction with one of these three formulas for best results: Platinum Performance® Equine, Platinum Performance® CJ, or Platinum Performance® GI.
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