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October 22

Equine Gastric Ulcer Syndrome

A Deep Dive Into Causes, Treatments, Performance Implications and Preventive Measures Featuring Dr. Chad Davis.


November 5

Kissing Spines

The Evolution of Diagnostics, Treatment Protocols and Rehabilitation Techniques Featuring Drs. Cooper Williams, Kent Allen, Cliff Honnas and Melinda Story.


November 12

War Horses For Veterans

In Honor of Veterans Day We Have a One-On-One with War Horses for Veterans Founder Patrick Benson.


November 19

Breaking Down The Ideal Equine Diet

Platinum Clinical Nutritionist, Emily Smith, makes the complicated simple.


December 3

Down The Alley With Hailey Kinsel

Get to know World Champion Barrel Racer Hailey Kinsel and her one-in-a-million mare Sister.


December 17

From the Ground Up - Healthy Hooves and Your Horse

Exploring the inner-workings and critical functions of the equine hoof with tips and insights from expert farriers.​


December 31

Kicking the New Year Off Right

Health & Wellness for Your Horse: Get to know how Platinum Performance® supports wellness from the inside out with Torri Maxwell, DVM.​


January 6

Battleground: Laminitis in Horses

Learn how skilled veterinarians and farriers are propelling the prevention and treatment forward for Equine Laminitis featuring Drs. Stephen O'Grady, Andrew Parks, Mark Silverman and Craig Lesser.


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January 28

Canine Companion with a Cause

A Celiac Disease Service Dog 'Heralds' Life Change for Veterinary Student; The Process of Finding and Training Him.

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