Building the Perfect Supplement Plan for Each Horse

Step 1: Choose a Wellness Formula for Total Horse Health

Choosing Additional Formulas for Targeted Support

Step 2: Add Supplements for Specific Health Needs and Goals to Complete Your Customized PAK

  • Hyaluronic Acid for Horses

    Hyaluronic Acid

    Hyaluronic Acid

    Starting at $5.25
  • Platinum Hoof Support PAK

    Platinum Hoof Support PAK

    Advanced Hoof Support Formula for Horses

    Starting at $8.00
  • Equine Probiotics Platinum PAK

    Platinum Balance®

    A Daily Probiotic to Maintain Digestive Health

    Starting at $13.00
  • Equine Skin & Allergy PAK

    Skin & Allergy Platinum PAK

    Helps Maintain Normal Histamine Levels

    Starting at $22.00
  • Platinum Gastric Support® PAK

    Platinum Gastric Support® PAK

    Helps Maintain Stomach and Hindgut Health

    Starting at $41.00
  • Vitamin E Supplements in Platinum PAKS

    Vitamin E

    A Natural Antioxidant

    Starting at $14.00
  • Bio-Sponge Equine PAK


    Supports Healthy Gastrointestinal Function

    Starting at $12.50
  • Platinum Longevity®

    Platinum Longevity®

    A Highly Bio-Available Resveratrol Analogue Formula

    Starting at $53.00
  • Equine Metabolic Support PAK

    Platinum Metabolic Support

    Helps Support Healthy Metabolic Function

    Starting at $21.00

Order with Friends and Save!

Platinum Pak® Barn Program

When you receive your Platinum in Platinum PAKs, there is a way for you to save! Just order a 56-day supply for eight horses.* You can get together with your friends to meet the minimum numbers of horses, and if all the orders ship on the same day to the same location, everyone saves! To learn more, call a Platinum Advisor!
*at the recommended dose of 2 scoops of PPE or PPCJ

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Real Clients. Real Results.

  • Devon

    Platinum Performance® Client since 2012

    "Devon has been on Platinum Performance Equine for about 2 months now. Since being on it, her coat has become so soft, her mane and tail are growing in beautifully and her overall health and appearance is just excellent. I attribute it to Platinum! She is a young horse, just being started under saddle, and I want to be sure her joints, muscles and digestive health are all being taken care of. The Platinum Paks are great and easy to feed. The customer service is awesome." — Allyson M.
  • Performizon

    Platinum Performance® Client since 2011

    "My horse had a very dull coat. He was stiff and didn’t want to collect when ridden. I got samples of Platinum Performance Equine Wellness Formula. After two weeks, he was a different horse. His attitude changed, and he has more go in him now than ever! I now have him on the Platinum PAK 28-day routine. I love knowing my horse is getting the best supplements he can have. The best part is Platinum puts 100 percent into their product and backs it up." — Sarena P.