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Are You Feeding Four or More Horses?

If you have multiple horses under your care, there are cost-effective ways to provide Platinum Performance® Equine or Platinum Performance® CJ to all the horses in your barn. If you are feeding at least four horses, you should consider ordering in bulk, but it's important to make sure you can finish the product in the five-month shelf life to ensure potency and freshness. There are three ways to order your wellness formulas in bulk.

Buying Platinum in Bulk

Three Options are Available to Best Fit Your Barn’s Supplement Needs

135 lb Drum (1)

50 lb Buckets (3)

25 lb Buckets (6)

Order With Your Friends!

We can easily take multiple forms of payment in the same order so you can get together with your friends and still save! We also offer bulk pricing when you order Platinum PAKs for eight or more horses at a time! To learn more about these options, call to speak with a Platinum Advisor.

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Save With Drums

We understand the importance of the managing the bottom line for any successful program, while providing your horses the very best nutrition possible. Purchasing your Platinum Performance® Equine or Platinum Performance® CJ in drums is one of the most cost-effective ways to supplement all the horses in your barn. There is a cost savings per pound when you go with this option. We also recommend that you place your drum on auto-ship to reduce shipping cost.

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  • Mix and Match

    If you have some horses on Platinum Performance® Equine, while others receive Platinum Performance® CJ, that’s no problem! As long as your order equals 150 lbs, you can order any combination of buckets your prefer.

Save with Three 50 lb Buckets or Six 25 lb Buckets

At Platinum Performance® we understand the importance of convenience, so if buckets are easier in your barn we offer that too! If you purchase three 50 lb buckets or six 25 lb buckets at a time we offer the same bulk savings as purchasing in drums. When you add these sizes and quantities to your shopping cart, the bulk pricing will apply automatically!

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Save Time and Money with Auto-Ship

By shipping your product on a fully customized automatic shipment schedule, Platinum picks up half the shipping cost. You also never run out of product and get a reminder email a week before your shipment to ensure your cycle fits your needs.

Need Help Building the Best Plan for Your Barn?

Contact a Platinum Advisor

Advisors can answer the tough questions and help you explore the best option.


Real Clients. Real Results.

  • T&L Quarter Horses

    Platinum Performance® Clients since 2005

    "When we’re showing horses, we travel with Platinum PAKs because they make it easy to keep our horses supplemented when we’re on the road. At home, we buy Platinum Performance CJ by the barrel and feed over 270 pounds every month. We feed Platinum because it works. I wouldn’t have it any other way." — Leslie Lange
  • Clayton Edsall Cow Horses

    Platinum Performance® Clients since 2007

    "We choose Platinum for a variety of reasons. The products speak for themselves through the noticeable improvement in our horses. Not too mention, the customer service is superior to any other company out there. The Platinum advisors are always there if we have a question, request, or need help implementing a feed schedule that works for your program." — Clayton Edsall