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Dealing with Allergies?

There’s a Nutritional Solution

Allergic reactions are an inflammatory immune response to something in your horse's environment. By providing Platinum Performance Equine, omega-3 fatty acids help support a healthy level of inflammation. For advanced cases, add antioxidant support with Platinum Skin & Allergy.

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Allergy Relief with Omega-3s

The ratio of omega-3 to omega-6 fatty acids your horse consumes effects its ability to respond to an allergen. Omega-3s can help during an allergic reaction, where omega-6s can exacerbate the inflammatory response. Platinum Performance® Equine is rich in omega-3s, vitamins, minerals and antioxidants that can help support a healthy coat as well as a healthy horse.

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  • Results of a University Study

    A recent study conducted at UC Davis showed that supplementation with Platinum Performance® Equine led to a dramatic improvement in supporting normal healthy skin condition in horses exposed to several common allergens. For advanced cases, thymus extract, quercetin, and DHA, a form of omega-3 fatty acids, as found in Platinum Skin & Allergy formula, are supportive during outbreaks.

Platinum Skin & Allergy

For Seasonal Allergy Support

Skin allergies can cause irritation, itching and hair loss when exposed to common allergens. Platinum Skin & Allergy is recommended to:

  • Support immune response with Thymus Extract
  • Maintain healthy histamine levels with Quercetin
  • Support a healthy skin and coat with Algal DHA

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  • Catalina

    Platinum Performance® Client since 2010

    "Catalina started having hives out of nowhere about 5 years ago. We tried everything, but nothing was helping. We started her on Platinum Skin and Allergy in July of 2013, and her hives went away and have stayed away ever since." — Chantele
  • Peppy San Chico Boy

    Platinum Performance® Client since 2011

    "Platinum has given Chico the edge he needed in raising the bar for his level of performance. He has exceeded my expectations, and Platinum has been a huge factor in that. He also has had allergy issues. Since starting Skin and Allergy, his coughing is at a minimum if at all! Thanks for an awesome product!" — Eva M.

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