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Platinum Summit, Imagine 2022Platinum Summit, Imagine 2022

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San Antonio

Complimentary Registration opens July 14. Space is limited.

Inspired Ideas to Advance Medicine

Join Us in San Antonio on Friday, November 18

Platinum Summit brings together inventive thinkers, change-making researchers and masterful practitioners to further the realm of what's possible in veterinary medicine. Powerful lectures will deliver key advancements happening now at the intersection of human and equine medicine.

“Veterinarians are innovators. We've had to be. What I'm so proud of is being here in a group of people that's remarkable. We're all here learning a new way of thinking, a new way of looking at health, disease and treatment.”
— Dr. Richard Markell, Addressing the Crowd at the Inaugural Platinum Summit

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Registration opens July 14. Space is limited.

Platinum Summit is the day before AAEP in San Antonio, Texas

Earn a projected 5 hours of RACE-approved CE

A Look Back at Platinum Summit 2019

See Lectures From the Inaugural Platinum Summit Event and Earn CE

Platinum Summit debuted in Denver, Colorado, to a capacity crowd in December of 2019. The atmosphere was electric and together we heard equine practitioners, researchers and their counterparts in human medicine discuss the future of a more predictive, preventive, precision approach to patient care. We invite you to watch now…