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The Power of Nutrition

Whether you are keeping a healthy horse healthy, a performance horse performing or a sick horse moving toward recovery, nutrition can be a simple yet powerful tool. Founded in veterinary practice over 20 years ago, Platinum Performance® is here to help improve equine health and performance with proven formulas supported by research.

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Good Nutrition is Good Medicine

Nutrition’s Vital Role in Equine Health and Wellness

More than 20 equine veterinarians talk about how nutrition has improved patient outcomes and supported the health, performance and longevity of the horses they care for.

We Leave Nothing to Chance

We start with superior ingredient sources and test each lot for potency, purity and the absence of banned substances. Making all of our own formulas in our own GMP facility allows us to control the process from start to finish.

Platinum Quality

Review the Research

The effects of our formulas are studied in colleges of veterinary medicine across the country. In the Platinum Performance Clinical Nutrition Laboratory, we examine cutting-edge ingredients and innovative theories regarding equine nutrition.

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What Other Veterinarians are Saying

Dr. Katie Prince

Canyon Large Animal Clinic

“The horses on Platinum look better, they feel better, and to be honest I have less problems with them.”

Dr. Jeff Foland

Weatherford Equine Medical Center

“Platinum is the gold standard- outstanding company with very high quality products.”

Dr. Jennifer Boeche

Desert Pines Equine Medical & Surgical Center

“Platinum products have proven results, they stand behind their products and they do what they’re supposed to do.”

Dr. Garth Lamb

Desert Pines Equine Medical & Surgical Center

“We see changes in hair coat, weight, and overall, becoming a healthy looking animal on Platinum.”

Dr. Kelsey Sapp

Equine Medical Associates

“Platinum has a ton of research. I feel really comfortable with their products and I know they work.”

Dr. Reese Hand

Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery

“Using Platinum Performance Wellness, I’ve had it change a horse when nothing else would.”

Dr. Bill Rhoads

Premier Veterinary Services

“I have faith that it helps the longevity of the horse, the joint, muscle tissue and connective tissues as well.”

Dr. Tim Ober

Team USA Show Jumping Veterinarian

“Platinum helps buffer the effects of stresses on performance horses. That’s how we use it in our practice on a very regular basis.”

Dr. Mark Silverman

Sporthorse Veterinary Services

“Platinum is the only nutraceutical I stock. I trust that it is what it says it is, it’s fresh, and the horses do great on it.”

Every Case. Every Time.

See the Difference Platinum Can Make

In the 20 years since Platinum Performance was founded, our belief that nutritional care is an essential part of practicing good medicine has only become stronger. We remain dedicated to providing nutritional solutions that improve the health of the horse and clinical outcomes in veterinary medicine.

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