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Canine and Feline Supplements for Wellness

  • Platinum Performance® Canine
    Platinum Performance® Canine

    Canine Omega-3 Wellness & Performance Formula

    Comprehensive canine health begins one cell at a time. Platinum Performance® C...

    Starting at $22.00
  • Platinum Performance® Canine Plus
    Platinum Performance® Canine Plus

    Canine Omega-3 Wellness & Performance Formula With Joint Support

    Platinum Performance® Canine Plus is the original Platinum Performance Canine ...

    Starting at $26.00
  • Platinum Performance® Canine CJ
    Platinum Performance® Canine CJ

    Canine Omega-3 Wellness & Complete Joint Formula

    The Platinum Performance® Canine Complete Joint Formula is designed to address...

    Starting at $41.00
  • Platinum Performance® Feline
    Platinum Performance® Feline

    Complete Omega-3 Wellness Formula for Cats

    With more than 10 supplements in one formula, including vitamins, trace minerals, ...

    Starting at $12.00

We Believe in Wellness

Total Body Wellness for Cats and Dogs Starts Here

By providing a comprehensive wellness supplement that contains omega-3 essential fatty acids, antioxidants, trace minerals and amino acids, you are giving your pet a nutritional foundation that supports the whole body.

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Unmatched Quality

We Go the Extra Mile

Quality has been the core of our culture for more than two decades, allowing us to create powerful formulas with human-grade ingredients that help ensure you are seeing results in your dog and cat. That’s the Platinum Promise.

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Wellness is Rewarding

With Platinum Rewards

Platinum Rewards is a complimentary rewards program offered by Platinum Performance®. You earn Platinum Rewards Points with every purchase of Platinum Performance® formulas. Then, you can redeem your Platinum Rewards Points to help pay for future orders.

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It's That Time of Year

Platinum Skin & Allergy

Platinum Skin & Allergy is a potent allergy formula that may be helpful in dogs with seasonal allergies and is recommended to:

  • Support a healthy skin and coat with Algal DHA
  • Help maintain healthy histamine levels with Quercetin
  • Support immune response with Thymus Extract

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Need Sound Advice for Your Pet?

We're Here to Help Your Dog and Cat

Get answers and recommendations with care. Platinum Advisors are pet owners with expertise in animal science and nutrition who can help you find answers and resources for your questions.


Real Clients. Real Results.

  • Stella

    Platinum Client since 2017

    "Stella came to me as a 10-week-old baby. She has always been very active with me since day one. Right before her 7th birthday, I noticed she was having a hard time getting up from lying down or sitting. This broke my heart. My best friend recommended your product Platinum Performance CJ. I received my first order the day after placing it online - great service! It took a couple of weeks but Stella is showing definite signs of improvement, in fact I saw her jump out of her bed this morning. Thank you for your product." —Elizabeth C.
  • Rudi

    Platinum Client since 2015

    "Rudi, who is an English Cream Golden Retriever, is a healthy, happy and vibrant dog, and I think part of it is a good diet including Platinum Performance® Canine. Our breeder recommended putting it in his food since we got him at eight weeks old. His coat is so soft and shiny and I really believe that is from his quality diet. Just last weekend we were at a charity dog walk in Denver with thousands of dogs and someone stopped me and said Rudi was one of the most beautiful dogs there and then someone else said that's the prettiest coat on a Golden Retriever they've ever seen, we were so proud! Thank you Platinum Performance for providing him the extra nutrients he needs to be so healthy and happy with a luxurious coat!!" — Sarah H.