Total Body Support in One Daily Wellness Supplement

Our formulas can easily be top-dressed on all commercial or home-cooked diets.

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  • Give Your Puppy a Healthy Start

    Provide your puppy with vitamins, trace minerals, fatty acids and amino acids to support growth and development at the cellular level.

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  • A Healthier Dog At Every Stage of Life

    Help your dog feel his best whether he’s an active adult or aging senior. Platinum Performance provides three comprehensive wellness formulas to choose from with various levels of joint support to target your dog’s personal needs.

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Client Stories

  • Margarita

    Platinum Performance Client since 2015
    Uses: Platinum Performance Canine

    “A couple of years ago Margarita started having difficulty going up and down the stairs. Since I already used Platinum Performance on my horses - I decided to give it a try for Margie. Within a month - she was running up those stairs again. That was 2 years ago, she is now 10.” — Whitney W.

  • Gucci

    Platinum Performance Client since 2009
    Uses: Platinum Performance Canine CJ

    “Gucci, my English Pointer, experienced recurring lameness during and after agility training. I was honestly ready to retire her when her sports medicine vet suggested Platinum CJ. The results were amazing! She is back to jumping full height, and she has been completely sound.” — Donna P.

  • Riggins

    Platinum Performance Client since 2017
    Uses: Platinum Performance Canine PLUS

    “Riggins is a rescue who rules the ranch, keeping the horses and chickens in check. He has the lay of the land on our 40+ acres. With that in mind, he runs and plays hard every day. At around 80lbs with his long legs, we want to protect his joints, tendons and ligaments as much as possible.” — Misayo C.

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Platinum Advisors are Here to Help

If you have questions or would like a supplement recommendation based on your pets individual needs, contact a Platinum Advisor and get answers.

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    Platinum Skin & Allergy

    For Seasonal Allergy Support

    Helpful in dogs with seasonal allergies, Platinum Skin & Allergy supports a healthy coat, maintains normal histamine levels and properly functioning immune system.

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