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Give your Horse the Nutrients that are Essential for Health

  • Platinum Performance® Equine Wellness

    Platinum Performance® Equine

    The Equine Omega-3 Wellness & Performance Formula

    Platinum Performance® Equine Wellness is a veterinarian-developed formula, del...

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  • Platinum Performance® CJ

    Platinum Performance® CJ

    The Equine Omega-3 Wellness & Performance Formula + Complete Joint

    Platinum Performance® CJ is the only supplement of its kind, developed in vete...

    Starting at $147.00
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  • Platinum Bar EQ®

    Platinum Bar EQ

    Platinum Equine Wellness Formula in a Convenient Bar Form

    Platinum Bar EQ® is all the goodness of Platinum Performance® Equine Welln...

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Wellness through Prevention

An Apple a Day

Like the old adage, we believe in a diet that promotes prevention so your horse can be his best for as long as possible. That’s why our three wellness formulas above contain essential fatty acids, vitamins, trace minerals, amino acids, antioxidants and more. That means more rides, more freedom and less stress.

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Why Platinum Works.


Our formulas are purposefully developed in veterinary practice, researched, tested and made fresh in our own facility from the highest quality ingredients and backed by our 100% satisfaction guarantee.

Choose The One Thing

For Every Part of Your Horse

Platinum Performance Equine and Platinum Performance CJ are carefully developed to address all aspects of horse health in just two scoops per day. It's like giving more than 10 supplements in one bucket.

Real Clients. Real Results.

  • Lark

    Platinum Client since 2014

    "Lark is my heart! When Lark hears me walking to the barn, he gives me a hearty whinny. I started giving him Platinum Performance when I had to change his feed to whole oats. The previous feed gave him too much energy. The Platinum Performance makes him look like a mirror! At shows, people always comment on the way that he shines!" —Melodie M.
  • Puffin

    Platinum Client since 2009

    "Puffin is an OTTB that had raced until he was 6 years old. So when I fell in love with him, I turned to my veterinarian and asked for his best advice on how I could help make his forever home the very best I could for a long healthy life in overall health and joint support. His answer was without hesitation Platinum Performance CJ. Thank you PP for helping Puffin stay healthy and strong every day! I love his energy." — Joyce W.

Nature Knows Best

The Modern Diet vs. The Natural Diet

Horses weren't always domesticated. In fact, they once roamed free, evolving on a diet of grass and other forage found on the nutrient-rich grasslands that were their native habitat. This more modern diet often includes grains, concentrates and cut hay, and provides a higher level of pro-inflammatory omega-6 fatty acids and free radicals than the horse was designed to consume.

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