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The One-Bucket Approach

A comprehensive daily wellness supplement like Platinum Performance® Equine, Platinum Performance® CJ or Platinum Performance® GI can be one of the most economical ways to keep your horses healthy by addressing all aspects of health before a problem arises. Because of the comprehensive nature of these formulas, the expertly sourced ingredients work synergistically together for maximum efficacy to transform health at the cellular level and provide greater impact than stand-alone products. This approach supports every aspect of wellness and performance, eliminating the need to feed a variety of different supplements.

See All The Ways Platinum is Helping Your Horse

Platinum Performance® Equine, Platinum Performance® CJ, & Platinum Performance® GI

All daily wellness formulas can be fed with a forage-only diet or for horses that are in moderate to heavy work and need additional calories, top-dressed on your feed. Read below about how Platinum’s synergistic approach supports every part of your horse’s health.

  • Total Horse Health

    Designed to Address all Aspects of Wellness

  • Joint Support

    Provides Ingredients for Targeted Joint Support

  • Athletic Performance & Recovery

    Maintains Lean Muscle and Supports Recovery

  • Hoof Support

    Supports Hoof Growth and Integrity

  • Allergy

    Supports Response to Common Allergens

  • Digestive Health

    Provides Fiber and Mucilage for Digestion

  • Tendon Health

    Provides Building Blocks Needed for Healthy Tendons and Ligaments

  • Gastric Health

    Maintains a Healthy GI System

  • Bone Health

    Provides Silicon for Bone Strength

  • Senior Horse

    Complete Support for Senior Health

  • Skin and Coat

    Promotes a Vibrant, Healthy Coat

  • Weight Gain & Management

    Helps Maintain a Healthy Body Score

  • Reproduction and Fertility

    Recommended for Reproductive Support

  • Metabolic Health

    Recommended for Metabolic Health

  • Immunity

    Supports a Healthy Immune System

Expertly Formulated

Why One Bucket Can Mean Greater Results

The one-bucket approach isn’t just for simplicity, there’s sound science behind the fact that ingredients working harmoniously together have a greater effect than those on their own. Plainly said, a formula is only as good as the sum of its parts. We know the quality of ingredients does, in fact, directly impact results. In one bucket is thousands of hours of research and some of the finest ingredients available in the form most bioavailable for your horse.

Read the Research

Fatty Acid Response

The Science Behind the Supplements

A trial was completed that followed the fatty acid response
 to supplementation with a consistent amount of Platinum Performance® Equine and Healthy Weight formulas in healthy horses on an alfalfa and oat hay diet. Supplemented horses were compared to a control group of non-supplemented every month for 6 months. The supplemented horses demonstrated a more significant increase in omega-3 fatty acid content in circulating red blood cells vs. non-supplements horses.

  • Supplemented Horses

  • Non-Supplemented Horses

Quality Beyond What’s on the Label

Tested and Then Tested Again

From raw ingredients to finished formulas, Platinum Performance undergoes hundreds of quality-based tests throughout the manufacturing process to guarantee potency and purity for your peace of mind.

  • Quality Counts

    Quality means results, and we don’t compromise on quality. Ever. We start with the very best ingredients, then test them and test them again.

  • Form Means Function

    Selecting the correct form of an ingredient can determine whether a formula will go to work for a horse or make little impact at all. When one form is less expensive than the other there’s often a reason why. We choose efficacy first.

  • More Isn’t Always More

    You may find formulas with a higher level here and there, but we’ve done the research and seen the results. More doesn’t always mean better, sometimes it just means more.

Committed to Quality

Targeted Support

For Advanced Health Challenges

Most horses will see superior results on a natural, forage-first diet supplemented with a comprehensive daily wellness formula. However, we understand that some horses have advanced health concerns that need additional targeted support. Created out of clinical necessity, Platinum Performance® offers a full line of support formulas that can be fed in combination with Platinum Performance® Equine, Platinum Performance® CJ or Platinum Performance® GI.

Shop By Health Concern

Success Stories

  • Sassy

    Platinum Client since 2015

    "Sassy had some lameness issues behind since she was 2 years old. After consulting with my veterinarian, he suggested starting her on Platinum Performance CJ. Since she started taking the supplement her lameness was reduced dramatically each month until it was gone for good! Sassy has gone on to be a top Saddlebred show horse and shows all over the country in high level competitions. I am such a believer in the product, I started all of my horses on it.....and my dog too! Thank you Platinum!" —Stacey K.
  • Dillon

    Platinum Client since 2015

    "Dillon is a spunky 23-year-old gelding who still competes in Barrel Racing and still places. He was my High School Rodeo Horse who took me to Nationals in Pole Bending and Silver State in Barrel Racing. We have battled his weight since he has gotten older and couldn't keep it on him. He wasn't as active and spunky as he once was. My boss, who is a Vet, and my husband, recommended trying Platinum. Since giving it to him once a day he has gained his weight, personality and health back. He’s feeling great and competing once again. We are very thankful for what Platinum has done!" —Ashlee P.

Ways to Supplement Every Horse in Your Barn

If You’re Feeding Four or More Horses...

There are more cost-effective ways to provide Platinum Performance® Equine or Platinum Performance® CJ to all the horses in your barn. If you are feeding at least four horses, you should consider ordering in bulk. There are three ways to order your wellness formulas in bulk to receive barn pricing.

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