How Can You Help Your Horse Beat the Heat?

  • If you are bringing a horse from a milder climate into a hot, humid part of the country, allow him to acclimate for 10-14 days with turnout and light work before returning to regular training or showing.
  • Ride in the morning or evening when temperatures are cooler. 
  • Cool your horse off with cold water. Upper level event horses are often sponged with ice water post-exercise until the water is the same temperature scraped off as it is sponged on. If your horse needs conditioning such as intervals or distance work, complete this before the hot summer months. This way it does not have to be done during the high temperature in addition to regular schooling.
  • Provide ventilation and air circulation in the barn with fans, especially misting fans or air conditioning. 
  • Supplement with an electrolyte to stimulate thirst and replenish lost minerals from sweating. 

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