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A Glossary of Ingredients for Horse Health

Our veterinary-developed formulas are made with the finest ingredients available, and all our trusted suppliers must meet stringent quality, purity and potency criteria. All ingredients in Platinum supplements are extensively tested during formulation at our California headquarters. If you have questions on nutrients or horse nutrition, call a Platinum Advisor at 800-553-2400.

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Platinum Formulas are listed in order of the nutrient's abundance in each product

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Complimentary Consultations for Your Horse

Want us to take a closer look at your horse's diet? While working with you and your veterinarian, our nutritional specialists are happy to help you analyze your feeding program and take into consideration your horse's health concerns. We can even help you get your forage analyzed and run a complete diet analysis. To learn more, please contact a Platinum Advisor at 800-553-2400

Emily Smith, MS

Platinum Performance® Equine Nutritionist