Colic Coverage Wellness Requirements

Platinum Colic Coverage®

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Is Your Horse Covered?

If you answer YES to each of the questions below, then you will be able to file a claim for colic surgery reimbursement of either $8,000 or $10,000 depending on the level of coverage your horse qualifies for.

Is your horse enrolled in Platinum Colic Coverage®?

You can confirm if your horse is enrolled and active in Platinum Colic Coverage® by logging into your online Platinum Performance® account and going to the “Horses” tab under My Account. If your horse’s profile has a blue box labeled “Colic Coverage Enrolled” then your horse is active in the program.

Did your horse meet the initial requirements for colic coverage upon enrollment?

One common reason for denials on claims is that horses didn’t meet the initial requirements upon enrollment. Please review these requirements and ensure your horse was eligible for the program when enrolled. Horses may not be eligible if they have:

  • Undergone any previous abdominal surgery.
  • Had a history of chronic colic (3 episodes in any 12-month period).
  • Had a veterinary-attended episode of colic in the previous 12 months before enrollment (regardless of whether the veterinarian treated the horse or not).

Is your automatic shipment of Platinum Performance® qualifying formulas active?

To view your automatic shipments, go to “My Auto Ships” under the My Account tab. If your auto-ship is set up correctly, then you should see your horse’s name assigned to the shipment. Remember if you are new to the program, coverage will begin either 28 days from the time of enrollment (if you have an active auto-ship) or 28 days after your first automatic shipment (if you don’t currently have an active auto-ship).

Is your horse being fed its Platinum Performance® qualifying formulas daily at the recommended dosage?

To maintain optimum health for your horse, you must feed the recommended daily dosage based on your horse’s weight. You can doublecheck the dosage guide to see if you are feeding the correct amount. Be sure you did not increase the number of days between your automatic shipments nor delay your automatic shipment more than 7 days per shipment or over a total of 21 days in a 12-month period.

Has your horse met the following veterinary wellness requirements in the last 12 months?

All four of the criteria below must be performed by a licensed veterinarian at least 72 hours prior to the colic incident.

  • One Veterinary Wellness Exam: We will need documentation of at least one physical wellness examination by your licensed veterinarian each year. If your veterinarian makes any recommendations for your horse’s health during this exam or otherwise, it is important to follow these recommendations to stay eligible for colic surgery reimbursement.
  • One Dental Exam: We will need documentation of at least one dental examination by your licensed veterinarian in the past year.
  • Current on Vaccination Program per AAEP Guidelines: We will need a record of your horse’s annual vaccinations administered by your licensed veterinarian for the “core” vaccinations along with any additional vaccinations recommended by your vet.
  • Current on Deworming Program: The final veterinary requirement is to maintain a veterinary-directed deworming program that includes one fecal egg count and one deworming per year.

If you answered yes to all of the questions above then you are eligible to file a claim for your horse. Should your horse need colic surgery, you must notify Platinum Performance® within 14 days to start the claims process.

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Qualifying Expenses

All services must be performed by a licensed veterinarian at a veterinary surgical facility.

  • Preoperative care
  • Emergency (non-elective) surgery (limited to the digestive tract)
  • Postoperative care

Please understand that this is a quick reference sheet for emergency purposes and does not constitute as an approval for reimbursement. All participants filing a claim will go through a formal approval process that is reviewed by Platinum Performance® and either denied or accepted by email or mail.