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Skin & Allergy Support for Horses

The key to addressing allergies is to support a horse's immune system with nutrients found in our equine wellness and advanced allergy support supplements.
Key nutrients include omega-3 fatty acids, vitamins, trace minerals and antioxidants. Learn more.
allergy support

Does your Horse Have Allergies?

Some horses experience itching, hives and hair loss and need support for insect bite hypersensitivity (IBH) or seasonal allergies, which can be caused by certain grasses, pollens, molds, etc. Allergic reactions are an inflammatory immune response and can appear in your horse’s skin and respiratory airways. The key to addressing equine allergies is to support your horse’s immune system and healthy levels of inflammation by adding key nutrients:

  • DHA: a form of omega-3 fatty acids that helps maintain normal healthy levels of inflammation in the body
  • Purified Thymus Extract: supports a healthy immune system
  • Quercetin: maintains healthy histamine levels, an important player in allergic response that may help to reduce allergy symptoms
  • Vitamins, trace minerals and antioxidants to help support a healthy coat as well as overall horse health.