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Address horse hoof health with the omega 3s, amino acids, trace minerals and vitamins in one of our two wellness formulas. For advanced hoof care needs, add Platinum Hoof Support. Learn more

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Advanced Support for Hoof Concerns, Cracks or Brittleness
Advanced Hoof Support Formula for Horses
Platinum Hoof Support was designed to support healthy hoof strength and growth in horses by providing concentrated levels of highly bio-available Biotin, as well as trace minerals Zinc, Manganese, Copper, Cobalt, and important amino acids L-Lysine and Methionine. Platinum Hoof Support should be used in conjunction with one of these three formulas for best results: Platinum Performance® Equine, Platinum Performance® CJ, or Platinum Performance® GI.
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Overall Wellness that Supports Healthy Hooves
Platinum Performance® Equine
The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula
This veterinarian-developed formula supports every aspect of horse health and performance including joints, muscles, hooves, skin & coat, mane & tail, digestion, and much more by delivering omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins and trace minerals.
Recommended daily dosage for a 1,000 lb horse is 2 scoops, which is 2 servings.
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Overall Wellness & Complete Joint + Hoof Support
+ joint
Platinum Performance® CJ
The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula + Complete Joint
Our most potent joint support formula combines a whole-horse wellness formula with comprehensive joint support. Popular with performance horses and senior horses, Platinum Performance® CJ is the only supplement of its kind. Developed in veterinary practice, it provides extensive joint support with ASU, hyaluronic acid, cetylmyristoleate, MSM and glucosamine for joint health. It includes Platinum Performance® Equine to support every part of the horse from digestion, skin & coat, hooves, and more.
Recommended daily dosage for a 1,000 lb horse is 2 scoops, which is 2 servings.
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Supports Proper Blood Flow to Extremities
Nitric Oxide Enhancer for Equine Vascular Health

Hemo-Flo® helps horses maintain proper circulation by supporting the production of nitric oxide, which helps support normal blood pressure and proper blood flow in the equine athlete. This formula can also be helpful when wanting to support circulation to extremities such as hooves and after episodes of tying-up.
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Nutrition to Support Your Horse’s Joints

Key nutrients can provide essential building blocks to maintain strong joints and aid in your horse’s recovery after injury. Nutrients such as omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, hyaluronic acid, cetyl myristoleate and avocado/soy unsaponifiables (ASU) have been shown to support equine joint health. A complete joint support formula is especially important for performance horses who put tremendous stress on their joints from the chronic wear and tear of intense training and competition. These horses often require additional nutritional support for joints and tendons and can benefit from building a complete nutrition plan around their specific performance and recovery needs.

When to Supplement for Joints?

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Young, Sound Horses

Eventually subjected to the rigors of riding, training or showing, young horses can utilize joint supplementation in preparation for heavy use of their joints in the future.

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Injured or Performance Horses

Support performance horses in training and competition and for being hauled many miles. For injured horses, joint supplements can provide additional support to overcome discomfort and aid in the healing process.

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Senior Horses

When showing signs of a pre-existing condition, stiffness or discomfort associated with the natural aging process or overuse of the joint.