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Equine Hoof Care

Address horse hoof health with the omega 3s, amino acids, trace minerals and vitamins in one of our two wellness formulas. For advanced hoof care needs, add Platinum Hoof Support. Learn more

Providing Hoof Support

Nutrition is a critical part of hoof health. Essential nutrients from a horse's diet are used continually to grow, repair and strengthen the hoof. Beneficial ingredients for strong and healthy hooves include:

Amino Acids stimulate strong, healthy hoof growth and are essential in supporting healthy hooves to prevent brittleness and cracks in the hoof.

Fatty Acids are required for the synthesis of an intercellular cementing substance connecting the horn cells.

Trace Minerals provide strength to the hoof wall. Zinc supports cells and blood vessels. Copper is required for normal bone and cartilage development.

Biotin is a vitamin often associated with improved hoof wall strength and an increased rate of hoof growth.

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