Bailey Corkill

Throw Like a Girl

To Bailey Corkill, team roping is in her blood. The daughter of competitive team ropers and sister of 3-Time World Champion Heeler, Jade Corkill, Bailey dominates the arena whenever she rides in on one of her two constant mounts, Chimp or Jewel. Chimp, in particular, has carried her to great things in the world of team roping. The striking black gelding and the petite blonde make quite the duo spinning steers together at the highest level of competition. Bailey is cool under pressure, steady in the box and handles a steer like she’s driving a sports car — smooth and high octane all at the same time. Bailey is the ultimate competitor, respected for her horsemanship, prowess in the arena and her attitude as a true sportswoman.

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Bailey Corkill is a sponsored endorsee and actual client.