Rodeo's Best of the Best Take on the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo 2018

There are few transformations as unlikely as that which takes place in Las Vegas each December. For 10 days, the city is overcome with all things western. A flood of felt cowboy hats descends on Sin City to watch the most elite rodeo competitors in the nation come together in the race for the coveted World Championship gold buckle. Country music stars, famed rodeo greats, stock contractors and fans from around the world give Las Vegas a taste of the cowboy way, and while they’re at it, they show the world that rodeo athletes are amongst the most talented, fiercely driven, finely tuned competitors in the realm of sport. The top 15 cowboys and cowgirls in each event blaze into the Thomas & Mack Arena each night on the hunt for their place in rodeo history, and again this year, Team Platinum shines bright under the lights of Las Vegas.

We take a closer look at the Team Platinum Members competing at the 2018 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo.

  • Trevor Brazile

    23-Time PRCA World Champion
    Platinum Performance client since 2007

    The “King of the Cowboys” knows a thing or two about utter domination. He has built a storied career from the grit, impressive horse flesh and a signature relentless spirit with which he approaches all aspects of his mental and physical game. Brazile has a record number of world championships behind him and has left an unquestionably permanent mark on rodeo. He’s changed the sport forever and redefined what it takes to become a legend in the world of professional rodeo, and more so, in the arena of life. Competitive to the core, Brazile is both feared and revered every time he rides into the box, but he’s also the kind of man you’d like your kids to watch and emulate. Humble and soft spoken, this cowboy will undoubtedly leave the sport better than he found it and set a high bar for all those in his wake to reach.

    Why Trevor Chooses Platinum

    “There is so much effort and precision with every move my horses make, taking care of them is a big deal to me. Platinum keeps us going down the road. My horses are the reason for the success I’ve had, and that’s why I use Platinum.”

    Trevor’s Formulas for Success: Platinum Performance® CJ, Platinum Hoof Support, Platinum Longevity®, Vitamin E

  • Hailey Kinsel

    Champion of RFD-TVs The American, WNFR Arena Record Holder
    Platinum Performance client since 2016

    Hailey and her beloved Palomino mare, Sister, recently named the 2018 AQHA/WPRA Barrel Horse of the Year, have blown in like a fresh breeze to captivate rodeo competitors, fans and everyone that crosses their path. A savvy horsewoman, Hailey is wholeheartedly devoted to her horses and works constantly to finely tune her game. She’s a fiery combination of athleticism, business prowess, heart and sheer speed all wrapped up in an old soul. Together, Hailey and Sister set a new arena record at the Thomas & Mack Arena during the 2017 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo and have big dreams for what that venue may hold for their future. Hailey will help usher in the next generation of rodeo superstars with her dedication, poise and commitment to training and competing on exceptional horses.

    Why Hailey Chooses Platinum

    “I started feeding Platinum Performance daily a couple of years ago and loved the improvement in my horses’ condition. I always receive compliments on how glossy and fit they look.”

    Hailey’s Formulas for Success: Platinum Performance® CJ, Platinum Longevity®, Healthy Weight

  • Tuf Cooper

    PRCA All-Around World Champion, 3-Time PRCA World Champion Tie-Down Roper
    Platinum Performance client since 2009

    Rodeo runs in the blood of this Texas cowboy. While his father, famed rodeo cowboy, Roy Cooper, came before him, Tuf has been determined to make his own name in the sport. A modern competitor in every way, Tuf combines mental strategy with physical conditioning to take his game to the next level. Together with a roster of talented horses, Tuf has taken the rodeo world by storm and made his plans clear; he’s here to stay and he’s got big aspirations for many more gold buckles to come. Tuf is a natural with a rope, but also a young cowboy that takes the time to give back to his fans. Rodeo is the family business, and the family operates with a competitive drive, grateful spirit and admirable support system. Brothers Clint and Clif have both competed at the WNFR, as has sister Shada Brazile and brother-in-law Trevor, and the list goes on. The family business is in good (and lightning fast) hands with Tuf Cooper.

    Why Tuf Chooses Platinum

    “Whenever I’m looking for a horse, I think the most important thing is that you’re able to win on them. To help my horses perform at the professional level that they compete at, I give them Platinum Performance CJ to help support their joints so they can perform day in and day out.”

    Tuf’s Formulas for Success: Platinum Performance® CJ

  • Lisa Lockhart

    11-Time WNFR Qualifier, 2-Time WNFR Average Winner
    Platinum Performance client since 2006

    Aside from being one of the most consistent, aggressive competitors in the game, this South Dakota cowgirl is an exceptional horsewoman and kind soul. She and her steady mount Louie are a beloved one-two punch in the arena, firmly present at the top 10 of the world barrel racing rankings year after year. Louie gives his heart to his cowgirl throughout the rodeo season and, in particular, during the 10-day race for gold at the WNFR. Louie thrives in the notoriously difficult arena and continuously reminds his young counterparts this seasoned barrel legend still has some things he’d like to prove. Together, Lisa and Louie exemplify the very best in competitiveness, sportsmanship and the unbreakable bond between horse and rider that has built an exceptional career.

    Why Lisa Chooses Platinum

    “Feeding a product like Platinum CJ is essential for my horses’ athletic performance, their joints, digestive health, bones and tendons. I am a firm believer that I am providing my horses with everything they need.”

    Lisa’s Formulas for Success: Platinum Performance® CJ, Platinum Longevity®, Platinum Power®, Healthy Weight

  • Isaac Diaz

    PRCA Saddle Bronc Rider, 6-Time WNFR Qualifier
    Platinum Performance client since 2010

    A 6-time Wrangler National Finals Rodeo qualifier, Isaac Diaz has maintained his position at the top of the saddle bronc ranks since 2007. This Desdemona, Texas cowboy is a hand in and out of the arena and considers maintaining himself — both physically and mentally — as a high-level athlete to be a key part of his success. Married to WNFR-qualifying barrel racer Britany Diaz, the pair is known for their skills on horseback, whether those horses run barrels, rope or buck. Although he’s a seasoned veteran in the world of rodeo, Isaac is hungry for a long career with lofty goals that still lay ahead for him.

    Why Isaac Chooses Platinum

    “Riding bucking horses for a living is hard on the body and Platinum Performance gives me what I need to stay feeling at the top of my game.”

    Isaac’s Formulas for Success: Platinum Performance® Wellness, Platinum Bars, Ortho-Chon® Plus, Performance Minerals™, Platinum Longevity®, Platinum Immune Support, Platinum DHA, Vitamin D3

  • Jessie Telford

    WPRA Barrel Racer
    Platinum Performance client since 2006

    Jessie Telford poured her heart into the 2018 rodeo season. With her family behind her — cow horse trainer and Open Snaffle Bit Futurity Champion, Jake Telford, and their two daughters, Shawny and Sierra — she chased her dream of making the WNFR and consistently stayed at the top of the world rankings. Jessie catapulted to the top of the rodeo ranks with her two steady mounts, Cool Whip and Shu Fire. This threesome has proven a busy mom and businesswoman can point herself toward the highest peak in rodeo and climb to the top with the best of them. Horses are equal parts business and passion for the Telford family, and just as Jessie has helped Jake grab his dreams, Jake is eager to return the favor.

    Why Jessie Chooses Platinum

    “I have used Platinum for years. Cool Whip has always been a picky eater, yet he loves Platinum! Recently, I started him on Platinum Hoof Support. He's never grown much foot ... and thin soles had been his source of lameness in the past. Not this year! My vets and farriers are all amazed at how well his feet grew and sole soreness has no longer been an issue.”

    Jessie’s Formulas for Success: Platinum Performance® CJ, Platinum Hoof Support, Platinum Renew®, Healthy Weight

  • Tyler Pearson

    PRCA World Champion Steer Wrestler
    Platinum Performance client since 2017

    Tyler Pearson and Scooter rode into the Thomas & Mack Arena in 2017 with their signature quiet concentration. What unfolded next was a fierce battle for gold as Tyler fought past the field of his close friends and fellow competitors to earn his first World Championship aboard Scooter, the 2017 AQHA/PRCA Steer Wrestling Horse of the Year. Bought sight-unseen, Scooter started his career with Tyler and co-owner, Kyle Irwin, as a shaggy, unimpressive looking prospect. He quickly proved that with the right attention, nutrition and riders, he was unstoppable. He carried Louisiana-born Tyler to victory and through the 2018 rodeo season before again winning the title of AQHA/PRCA Steer Wrestling Horse of the Year for a second time in 2018.

    Why Tyler Chooses Platinum

    “When I first got Scooter, he was sway-backed, longhaired and pot-bellied. ... I wasn’t that impressed. But the longer we had him, the better he got. I started hauling him to the ERA rodeos, and that’s where I got with Luke Branquinho. He started us on Platinum Performance and, since then, Scooter has just taken off.”

    Tyler’s Formulas for Success: Platinum Performance® CJ, Platinum Longevity®, Platinum Balance®, Hemo-Flo®

  • Ivy Conrado

    WPRA Barrel Racer, 3-Time WNFR Qualifier
    Platinum Performance client since 2014

    For Ivy Conrado, Barrel Racing is in her blood. Her mother and father are a well-respected force in the barrel horse industry, breeding and training horses including one of Ivy’s go-to mounts, Tibbie. Ivy and her horse J-Lo have seen tremendous success in the 2018 season, landing this duo their third consecutive trip to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo. A former Junior Olympic-level volleyball player, Ivy is an athlete, a born and bred horsewoman and a natural talent in the arena. Ivy has accomplished a long list of accolades for a young competitor and undoubtedly has many more to come as a result of her passionate approach to the sport she loves coupled with her exceptional roster of horses.

    Why Ivy Chooses Platinum

    “When you’ve grown up in the industry, you see the results of every product on the market. Whether it’s CJ, Recover or Longevity, Platinum is what I’ve gotten the best results with. J-Lo is a picky eater. But when you put Platinum in her tub, she licks it clean.”

    Ivy’s Formulas for Success: Platinum Performance® CJ, Platinum Recover®, Platinum Longevity®, Vitamin E

  • Shane Hanchey

    PRCA & ERA World Champion Tie-Down Roper
    Platinum Performance client since 2011

    The 2018 Wrangler National Finals Rodeo marks Shane Hanchey’s ninth consecutive trip to the famed Thomas & Mack Arena. He competes on the world’s stage every year thanks to his raw talent, scrappy tenacity and reliance on excellent horses to help fine tune his game as an elite-level tie-down roper. Shane, of Sulphur, Louisiana, was raised in rodeo and propelled his athleticism into a professional tie-down roping career with help from his steady mount Reata. With Reata now in retirement, Pam Pam and Bam Bam have carried Shane to yet another wildly successful rodeo season and, unquestionably, will continue to impress the sport in the future.

    Why Shane Chooses Platinum

    “The reason my horses and I choose Platinum Performance is pretty simple. It is the best horse supplement in the game. Period. Platinum CJ is the best joint supplement on the market, and it’s imperative my horses have the best joint support possible. It’s an easy choice.”

    Shane’s Formulas for Success: Platinum Performance® CJ, Platinum Gastric Support®, Platinum Hoof Support, Platinum Power®

Team Platinum

Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Results

  • Trevor Brazile

    2018 PRCA All-Around World Champion

    • 3rd in Tie-Down Roping World Standings
    • Won Round 4 with a time of 6.80 Seconds
    • Split the Win in Round 5 with Reese Riemer and Ryan Jarrett with a Time of 7.50 Seconds
    • Won Round 10 with a Time of 7.20 Seconds

    Jessie Telford

    2018 Barrel Racing World Champion

    • 5th in the Barrel Racing World Standings
    • 3rd in the WNFR Average
    • Won Round 4 with a Time of 13.49 Seconds
  • Hailey Kinsel

    2018 Barrel Racing World Champion

    • Won Round 1 with a Time of 13.51 Seconds
    • Won Round 6 with a Time of 13.63 Seconds
    • Won Round 7 with a Time of 13.61 Seconds
    • Won Round 9 with a Time of 13.40 Seconds

    Tuf Cooper

    • 2nd in the Tie-Down Roping World Standings

    Ivy Conrado

    • 6th in the Barrel Racing World Standings
Jessie Bengoa
  • by Jessie Bengoa, Platinum Performance®

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