On the Rise

An Elite Team of Young Riders

Dreams are big and the future is bright for members of the elite Platinum Performance® Youth Ambassador Team

One look at the lineup of the Platinum Performance® Youth Ambassador Team and you’ll see a wildly diverse cross-section of talent, disciplines, backgrounds and stories that have collectively shaped these young athletes. As varied as their paths may be, they’re more the same than different; each hungry for success, devoted to their sport and passionate about their love of the horse. They’ve each been raised in the saddle, with a born and bred respect for their mounts and the life lessons that come with this way of life. Meet any one of them and you’ll be taken aback by the level of grit, class and humility with which they ride and compete. They want the victory, but they crave the thrill of the chase even more.

The Platinum Performance® Youth Ambassador Team was created to showcase the next generation of equestrian powerhouses, exceptional horsemen and women and quality people who we’re proud to call part of the Platinum Family.

Ben Ebeling

Events: Dressage and Show Jumping

Ben Ebeling uniquely rides at an elite level in two completely separate disciplines: dressage and show jumping. Following in the footsteps of his father, Olympian Jan Ebeling, Ben is dominant at the Young Rider level in dressage. However, he is equally as skilled in the show jumping arena, and credits his strong dressage foundation, or “dressage between fences,” as a real advantage in the jump-offs. Ben currently majors in business at the prestigious Carnegie-Mellon University with hopes of running a horse-oriented business as a future career, as well as continuing his advanced training for more international and high-performance competition. One of Ben’s goals is to compete at the Olympic Games, which then begs the question: will that be in dressage or show jumping?

Horses: Behlinger, Illuster Van De Kampert, Caddilac FS-Z

Dream: “I want to become the best rider that I can be. I really enjoy being a successful competitor, and I hope to continue being part of Nations Cup teams in the future for Young Riders, U25, and hopefully one day as part of a high performance Grand Prix setting.”

Why Ben Chooses Platinum: “I believe in top-quality care for my horses and a big part of that care is nutrition. Platinum offers the best line of personalized products for each of my horses and is able to maintain each of their specific needs in a different way. Platinum Performance is absolutely a necessity for top performance in both the sports of dressage and show jumping.”

Londyn Brazil

Events: Team Roping, Barrel Racing, Breakaway Roping, Goat Tying, Pole Bending and Cutting

You could say rodeo flows through Londyn’s veins. She is the daughter of two former state high school rodeo champions, niece of a two-time national high school rodeo champion and granddaughter of a PRCA barrel racer. Her wit is as quick as her breakaway loop, and she’s earned praise both in the arena and for her leadership as the California State High School Rodeo Association District 5 President. Londyn is competitive to her core and credits her string of self-made horses and constant support of her family for her success.

Horses: Zeus, Barbie, Maverick, Jewels and Scoot

Dream: “To become a large animal veterinarian.”

Why Londyn Chooses Platinum: “I love taking care of my horses. Platinum was introduced to me years ago as a great supplement for keeping my horses in top condition. After seeing the huge difference it made I realized that if the outside looks that great, then the inside must be great too! My horses have more energy because they feel healthy. Now, all my horses get Platinum.”

Hallie Grimes

Events: Junior Hunters, Junior Jumpers and Equitation

Hallie has an intense passion for horses that comes from a long lineage of riders in her family. She’s wholeheartedly dedicated to her mounts and is known for both her prowess in the show ring and her commitment to bettering herself as the pilot of some incredibly talented horses. Kind and well-spoken, Hallie is an exceptional ambassador for her sport and has a bright future ahead of her both in the ring and in life.

Horses: Thrift Shop (Thrifty), NKH Calango (Kevin), Boldly Stated (Bruno) and Leasure Z (Fluffy)

Dream: “To be the best rider possible at every stage.”

Why Hallie Chooses Platinum: “Platinum products are the best of their kind, and all in a convenient package. I feed each horse Platinum Performance CJ or their own Platinum PAK. I also feed some horses Platinum Skin and Allergy and some also get Healthy Weight Oil.”

Sadie Noblitt

Events: Barrel Racing, Breakaway Roping, Team Roping, and Goat Tying

Sadie was raised on horseback, maintaining a deep love of horses and rodeo throughout her life. Whether it’s the sport of rodeo, her college career at Cal Poly or plans for her future, Sadie dives in, always charging toward whatever goal she has set for herself with a steadfast focus. Mature beyond her years, Sadie was raised in the business and surrounded by many of the most talented rodeo athletes in the sport. She makes it a practice to learn from those around her, always bettering herself as a person and horseperson, and with her eye on the road ahead of her.

Horses: Shivers, Marley and Rabbit

Dream: “To one day run at the National Finals Rodeo and continue to better myself as a person, professional and rider until I can get there.”

Why Sadie Chooses Platinum: “Platinum is a product that supports horse health the right way. I use Platinum CJ for all of my competitive horses. CJ gives my horses the support they need while traveling down the road and competing in all conditions. Not only does the supplement lubricate my horse’s joints, it also makes their coats shine. This formula fits perfectly into my horses’ diets, and their performance has excelled because of CJ.”

Augusta Iwasaki

Events: Junior Hunters, Junior Jumpers and Equitation

Making waves in the equestrian world since she was a small child, Augusta has seamlessly melded her innate talent with intense dedication to both her horses and her craft as a rider. She operates like a seasoned professional, understanding the business of breeding and competition while also maintaining a pure and youthful love for her horses. She aims high while relishing in the daily success and camaraderie of the horse shows at which she is a constant fixture. Inspired by her family, including mother and father team Elizabeth Reilly and Chris Iwasaki, Augusta is going big places with a steady eye on her dreams.

Horses: Small Affair, Small Occasion, Small Kingdom and Vanderpump

Dream: “To one day ride in the Olympics, after first conquering my junior career and both the equitation and derby finals.”

Why Augusta Chooses Platinum: “For me it’s the quality of the products and the results I see in my horses, that’s why I choose Platinum.”

Fallon Ruffoni

Events: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Breakaway Roping, Goat Tying, Team Roping and Cutting

If you’re looking for Fallon, chances are you’ll find her in the practice pen. Raised around horses and rodeo, Fallon learned from an early age that to ride and win against the best. Practice is what will set her apart. Her heart is in the horsemanship and the personal challenge of always making herself better, stronger and more connected to her horses. A champion in the arena, Fallon is just as well-respected outside of it, known as a humble competitor with a strong work ethic and a commitment to the betterment of her game.

Horses: Roxanne, Chubs, Bobby, Diesel and Viper

Dream: “To compete successfully in my remaining years of high school rodeo, then go on and do the same in college rodeo.”

Why Fallon Chooses Platinum: “Platinum is an amazing product. I have some older horses that are very high maintenance, and I give them all Platinum to help them feel their best. My barrel horse gets Vitamin E as well, and my rodeo horses get Platinum CJ. I even give my mare and her baby Platinum Performance Equine.”

Bruce Hill

Events: Three-Day Eventing

Bruce is equal parts adrenaline junky and soft-spoken rider, with an immense respect for the horse. He thrives on the charge he feels when on the cross-country course or flying over jumps, yet he relishes the family and community aspect of the horse world. Accompanying both his mother and older sister into the sport of eventing, and, under the tutelage of trainer Jennifer Wooten, Bruce has wholeheartedly embraced the lifestyle. Bruce has worked since he was a small child to polish himself. Committed and more attached to the sport than ever, Bruce is headed up through the ranks of eventing and looking ahead toward his goals.

Horses: Hugo

Dream: “To take my HB and B ratings in Pony Club, then ride for the North American Young Riders Championships within the next three years and compete at the four-star level.”

Why Bruce Chooses Platinum: “Platinum is reliable and trustworthy. I have had great success with the products we have used for our horses. I feed Platinum Performance Equine, Platinum Balance, Platinum Skin and Allergy and Electrolytes when needed.”

LaRae Luis

Events: Reined Cow Horse and Cutting

LaRae is a force of nature down the fence and in the cutting pen. The daughter of trainer, Mark Luis and wife Shari, LaRae has more than embraced the family business by taking her lifelong experience in the saddle and reaching higher. Professional and down-to-business, this beloved competitor is deeply committed to her horses, her sport and a future in the industry she has loved from day one. With her family behind her, LaRae has her sights set on storming the reined cow horse and cutting worlds, making a name for herself through hard work and constantly honed skills.

Horses: Blue Savannah Holli and Spry Spot

Dream: “To compete in the NCHA and NRCHA Non-Pro events and go on to be a professional trainer.”

Why LaRae Chooses Platinum: “I’m living my best life when I’m on a horse, and I choose to use Platinum products because I have found that nutrition is the key to overall performance. Platinum products are the highest quality and most effective products available. I feed Platinum CJ to both my older reined cow horse for maintenance and to my younger cutting horse for prevention. I also use Platinum Gentle for my 3-year-old cutting horse because it keeps her at her best.”

Avery Noblitt

Events: Three-Day Eventing

Avery grew up in a family of riders but contrary to the Resistols worn by most of her family, Avery was taken with the world of three-day eventing. She traded cowboy boots for tall boots and found unequivocal joy on the cross-country track. To Avery, horses are a place to escape, focus and discover the excitement and love of the game that keep her hungry for more. She’s happiest on the back of the striking gray that is carrying her up through the eventing ranks toward big goals and high places.

Horses: Cumani

Dream: “To conquer college, compete in the North American Youth Championships (NAYC) and be doing this sport for the majority of my life, progressively getting better and stronger as a rider.”

Why Avery Chooses Platinum: “Three-day eventing is very physically demanding. By feeding Platinum CJ, I am keeping Cumani’s joints in the best care with the most active support. I have found that CJ has also improved his coat color and performance during competition season. By feeding CJ, I am not only keeping my horse in the best condition but preventing problems that can be avoided. Cumani has never looked or felt any better.”

Ronan Hice

Events: Steer Wrestling and Saddle Bronc

With accomplished parents in the ranching and rodeo world, Ronan took their family mantra to heart, “Whatever you do, be the best at it.” A fierce competitor in the arena, Ronan is a horseman and, perhaps more importantly, a gentleman at heart. With a sterling reputation for taking excellent care of his horses and working tirelessly at his events, Ronan has big goals and incredible potential for a long and fruitful life in the saddle and career on the rodeo circuit.

Horses: Repo and Buddy

Dream: “To qualify for the California Circuit Finals and National Circuit Finals while continuing to learn how best to handle horses, so they perform to their fullest.”

Why Ronan Chooses Platinum: “Platinum Performance is the best nutrition out there. I want my horses to feel good and perform to their full potential, so I use Platinum CJ. My horse Repo feels like he is younger and moves quicker to those steers, and I need that at the rodeos I compete at.”

Caslyn Weidenbener

Events: Reined Cow Horse, Cutting, Team Roping, Breakaway Roping, Goat Tying and Barrel Racing

This Arizona cowgirl is both feared and revered in the arena. While competition is what drives her, it’s the challenge of honing her own skills as a horsewoman that truly keeps her motivated. She clenched the 2015 title of National High School Rodeo Association Breakaway Champion and now aims toward domination in collegiate rodeo, then on to the pros after earning her degree. While her family may be entrenched in rodeo, Caslyn has carved her own path and achieved numerous accolades thanks to her personal dedication and strong partnership with her horses.

Horses: The Deals Gold, Oskar The Grouch and Wrangler Rock It

Dream: “To make it to the College National Finals Rodeo, then on to the Wrangler National Finals Rodeo, continuing to better my horsemanship all the time.”

Why Caslyn Chooses Platinum: “The products work. I have given my horses Platinum GI, Platinum CJ, Skin and Allergy and Longevity, and I see a huge difference.”

Kaiden Ayres

Events: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Breakaway Roping, Goat Tying, and Cutting

This all-around cowgirl loves the variety of competing at a high level in an array of events, always challenging herself to be at the top of her game, regardless of whether she’s roping or chasing barrels. She was hooked on the sport of rodeo after her first event at the age of six, and there was no looking back. With horses as a constant part of her life, Kaiden was raised atop a horse and values the life skills acquired from her time in the saddle, in the arena and around the quality of people and fellow competitors that make up her larger rodeo family.

Horses: Angel Darlin’, Ollie, Pistol, Cash, Gigi, Bert, Jagger, Diddy and Lou

Dream: “To qualify for The American semi-finals again this year, then qualify for the Junior World Finals and eventually the National Finals Rodeo while becoming a talented trainer who can ride any horse and succeed. That goal will be accomplished when someone says, ‘I want to ride like her.’ ”

Why Kaiden Chooses Platinum: “I truly believe Platinum is the best product I could give my horses. They always feel their best when they are on their Platinum. I feed Platinum CJ, Vitamin E, Selenium Yeast, Bio-Sponge and Platinum Renew. I believe every one of those products has created a huge difference in my horse’s performance.”

Gracie Lopez

Events: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Breakaway Roping, Goat Tying, Team Roping and Cutting

Gracie is the kind of competitor you want to be around. Her horses quite obviously respect her as their boss and love her as their rider. Each time she climbs on one of her three steady mounts, it’s obvious you’re watching a connected team. She’s passionate about rodeo, but more so, she’s in it for the love of the horse, the challenge to continually get better, and the western lifestyle of good horses, good friends and a great future for which she works incredibly hard. This cowgirl is smart and humble, and she’s got big plans for herself in and out of the arena.

Horses: Buzz, Chexie and Diesel

Dream: “To qualify for the High School National Finals Rodeo before moving on to college, competing in college rodeo and studying to become an equine veterinarian.”

Why Gracie Chooses Platinum: “Platinum supplements truly are the best. Between long weekends of rodeo or training at home, I can always rely on the fact my horses are getting the nutrition they need to feel and compete at their very best. I feed Platinum Performance Equine for total body health, Platinum Healthy Weight for my barrel horse who is naturally leaner, Platinum Skin and Allergy for my horses with sensitivities in the summer months, and Platinum Bar EQ for a healthy treat ... .”

Josie Pereira

Events: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, Breakaway Roping, Team Roping, Goat Tying and Cutting

A natural talent on horseback, Josie has ridden for nearly her entire life. A strong competitive force in the rodeo arena, Josie doesn’t stop there. She’s known for her ability to start young horses and work them up through the ranks with both quiet determination and skill. To Josie, the training is every bit as exciting and rewarding as the accolades she has earned while in competition.

Horses: Josie rides, trains and competes 13 Pereira Ranch horses.

Dream: “To continue on with my education while nurturing young horses into top performance horses on which I can compete.”

Why Josie Chooses Platinum: “Nutrition is very important to me. I feel that if my horses are going to compete to their fullest potential, they need to feel their best. We’ve been feeding Platinum for the past 13 years. All of our horses look and feel amazing. I feed Platinum Performance Equine, Ortho-Chon and the Platinum Bars. This has kept my seasoned horses feeling and performing their best and has provided my young horses with the best nutritional foundation.”

Grace Gardiner

Events: Barrel Racing, Pole Bending, and Breakaway Roping

Grace developed her love of horses and passion for competition from toddlerhood, when she would watch parents Garth and Amanda Gardiner rope and train from the back of her beloved old gray “babysitter” Freckles. She may have built-in teachers and exceptional horsemen to look up to, but she’s finding her own seat, her own competitive edge and an undeniable talent in the arena.

Horses: Jay, Firewater Kool Eyes “Ranger,” Firewater Guy “Hal,” Angels Edgewood “Angel” and You May Be Wright “Lester”

Dream: “To qualify for the National Junior High School Finals Rodeo and the Junior American, then to move on as a qualifier to the National High School Finals Rodeo while maintaining a 4.0 GPA and growing personally and spiritually.”

Why Gracie Chooses Platinum: “My parents have fed Platinum to all of our horses ever since I can remember ... I wish we had taken before and after photos of horses that we have purchased, then put into our feeding program. It wasn’t that they looked bad when we bought them, but the improvement in muscle tone and hair coat in that first three months is amazing! Platinum CJ with Balance keeps their joints moving and feeling great, and it also address their digestive health, hair coat and hooves.”

Lauren Flaherty

Events: Barrel Racing and Team Roping

For Lauren, it’s the thrill of the chase that keeps her constantly motivated in the arena. The “perfect run” may be her goal, but it’s the training, practice and small adjustments along the way that she relishes. A member of Cal Poly’s famed rodeo team, Lauren appreciates her horses for their partnership but also as a break and opportunity to breathe in between the rigors of classes, midterms and finals. While the top of the leaderboard is her goal and frequent position, a good run and healthy, happy horses are what ultimately makes her a champion.

Horses: A Wee Bit of Fame “Wee” and Wiz

Dream: “To qualify for the Cinch Shootout during Cal Poly’s historic Poly Royal Rodeo before going on to the College National Finals Rodeo for four straight years and eventually graduating and competing in the WPRA.”

Why Lauren Chooses Platinum: “I choose Platinum because I feel that this company has a great collaboration between its equine veterinarians and nutritionists. Platinum Performance is so reliable due to its quality assurance and this makes me feel confident that I am helping my horses reach their maximum potential and feel their best. Barrel racing is a demanding event on a horse and Platinum Performance CJ allows my horse to feel her very best at every joint in her body. ...”

Cassie Kayser

Events: Barrel Racing, Breakaway Roping, and Goat Tying

Determined to the core, Cassie is driven to compete by her lifelong love of rodeo and the freedom she feels in the saddle. Her rodeo career began as a small child, riding along to professional rodeos with her parents before gradually becoming a seasoned horsewoman herself. Rodeo is her first passion, a sport she loves deeply and a lifestyle that she shares with her family, friends and the rodeo community she values so greatly. To Cassie, she can’t imagine doing anything else.

Horses: Ace, Ali and Lena.

Dream: “To qualify for the College National Finals Rodeo, then win a national championship before filling my WPRA permit, competing in The American, qualifying for the year end Northwest Professional Rodeo Association Finals and earning my degree in Nursing.”

Why Cassie Chooses Platinum: “I feel that Platinum is the best supplement on the market! My horses love it, and I have seen great results. Health and nutrition are key to success and Platinum Performance Equine gives my horses what they need to perform to their highest potential.”

Payton Lopez

Credentials: 2019 CHSRA D8 All Around Champion and several event winner, 2018 Top Gun All Around Trailer Champion, 2018 CJRA All Around Champion, 2016 Challenge of Champions All Around Champion, Barrels and Rookie All Around, 3-Time National Junior High and National Qualifier

Events: Barrels, Poles, Breakaway, Cutting, Team Roping and Goat Tying


  • Paycheck (Hollywood Dun It) - I team rope and goat tie on him. He has been with me since sixth grade and taken me to Nationals a couple of times
  • KN Dig This - barrel horse. Raised by my Aunt Kimi Nichols, and I went on to finish her. Special mare to us, she has breeding that started our program.
  • Jose is my calf horse. He means the world to my family because he has taken my brother and I both to nationals.
  • Moose (Catch Some Rey’s) - Pole and barrel horse. This horse has special talent, and a family close to my heart lets me compete on him.

Why I Ride: "I was raised in a rodeo family and winning and success motivates me. I love to feel the improvement of my horses. Meeting new people and traveling, I enjoy a lot. I spend every day all day with my horses. They are all I think about. Practicing with my family and going to the rodeo and having success; there is no better feeling. I also enjoy helping others and watching them improve and have success."

Inspiration: "I have watched my dad, mom and aunt train and rodeo since I was born. I look up to them and want to be as good or better than them. My biggest goal would be to win on a horse my aunt bred and I trained."

Goals: “I plan to continue riding and competing. I plan to attend West Hills College in the fall and rodeo for them. My goals are to make the College Nationals Finals after I attend Bishop High School State Finals and hopefully have success there as well. Obtain a nursing degree while living the dream of rodeo.”

Why Payton Chooses Platinum: “There is no better supplement than Platinum in my opinion. We have had horses suffer injuries and need help. Platinum has proved to be the source of help every time. Platinum is the most balanced product we have been able to find that helps our horses and see results.”

Payton's Platinum formulas:

  • Paycheck: Platinum Performance® CJ, Healthy Weight. Paycheck has some arthritis and has trouble holding weight.
  • KN Dig This: Platinum Performance® CJ and Healthy Weight. Dig It is young, we feed this combination to her as she seems to feel better on this regimen.
  • Jose: Platinum Performance® CJ and Platinum Hoof Support. Jose has front feet issues and his feet have completely turned around from the hoof support.
  • Moose: Platinum Performance® GI and Healthy Weight. Moose had some ulcer issues and worries a lot. He no longer needs Ulcerguard after getting him on Platinum products.

“A good part of my success has been from my family support and my horses being healthy and strong. Thank you, Platinum Performance!”

by Jessie Bengoa,
Platinum Performance®