Dealing with Hoof Problems?

Key Ingredients for Strong, Healthy Horse Hooves

6 Important Nutrients for Hoof Health

Horses depend on a balanced diet to keep their hooves strong and healthy. The hoof is in a constant state of growth, and dietary changes can affect its overall integrity. Necessary nutrients include omega-3 fatty acids for a healthy hoof wall, amino acids that provide the building blocks essential for hoof growth, vitamins, and macrominerals and trace minerals that are key to maintaining healthy hooves.


is a sulfur-containing B vitamin that is significant for both hoof growth. It also is involved in hoof strength as it is an element of the intercellular glue that binds hoof cells together. Supplementation with biotin leads to improved hoof wall strength and an increase in the rate of hoof growth.

Copper Gluconate

enables important enzymatic functions required for metabolism in rapidly dividing cells, such as hoof cells. Copper is involved in disulfide bond formation in keratin and cell envelope proteins, which connect hoof cells and influences overall rigidity of the hoof. Low dietary levels of copper are often associated with weak or damaged hooves.

L-Lysine and DL-Methionine

are amino acids, the building blocks for proteins and are essential for hoof growth as the hoof wall is 93% protein. Methionine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that is a primary constituent of keratin, the hard protein that makes up the hoof horn. Methionine stimulates strong, healthy hoof growth and is essential for preventing cracked, brittle hooves.


is an antioxidant trace mineral that protects the hoof cell membrane from oxidation. This mineral is incorporated in the equine hoof horn and provides strength to the hoof wall and foot structures.

Zinc Gluconate

is critical for a variety of functions, including the normal cell division involved in the growth and repair of the hoof wall. Zinc-dependent enzymes are involved in keratinization and the hardening of the hoof. A zinc deficiency will result in incomplete keratinization, which will result in a defect of the hoof horn.

Cobalt Chelate

is a precursor for vitamin B12, which is involved in blood cell formation to nourish hoof tissue.

Supplementing for Horse Hoof Health

The hoof is continuously growing, and a variety of nutrients are important for hoof integrity. Choose a supplement that is a comprehensive blend of omega-3 fatty acids, amino acids, trace minerals, macrominerals and biotin. Dietary changes, including supplementation, will only influence new growth. Redemption of the hoof requires patience and perseverance.

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Supporting Horse Health From the Inside Out

“While biotin is probably the most common supplement people consider when trying to support good quality hooves, there are other nutrients including lysine, methionine, copper and zinc, amongst others, that appear to be important to maintain good quality hooves.”
— Mark Silverman DVM, MS, Sporthorse Veterinary Services

Questions on Hoof Health?

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