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Tips for the Picky Eater

While most horses enjoy Platinum Performance® formulas, others may require a few days to become accustomed to the change.

Start Small

Begin with a small amount — about a quarter of a scoop per feeding — and work up to the recommended dosage over 7-10 days. The taste, smell and texture can take some time to get used to.


Although each foundation formula was designed to complement a forage-based diet, each can be top-dressed on any feed or grain.


Because of the granular texture, it may be helpful to mix with a small amount of water or flax oil, such as Healthy Weight, so the supplement sticks to the horse’s feed. Applesauce and maple syrup may also be used.

Introducing a Support Formula?

  • Combine With a Foundation Formula

    For best palatability results, all Platinum support formulas are designed to be used in combination with one of the three foundation wellness formulas — Platinum Performance® Equine, Platinum Performance® CJ or Platinum Performance® GI.

  • Administer in a Syringe

    If necessary, most Platinum Performance® support formulas can be mixed with water, oil or applesauce and given orally in a syringe.

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Platinum Performance® CJ: Available in Two Flavors

Original Apple and Natural Grass

Original Apple is the most popular flavor; however many picky eaters prefer Natural Grass. For horses that don’t take to either flavor, we recommend starting with Platinum Performance® Equine, so they can get used to the texture, then slowly add in a small amount of the Platinum Performance® CJ until the horse gets used to the texture, smell and taste of the joint ingredients.

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