Stress Can Take Its Toll

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The integrity of your horse’s stomach can be overwhelmed by gastric acid and protein-digesting enzymes during times of stress, travel, and intense training or competition. Platinum Performance® Equine and Platinum Gastric Support® can be fed in combination for advanced stomach and hindgut support.

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Have Gastric Health Issues?

Signs of equine gastric ulcer syndrome can include:

  • Recurrent mild to moderate colic
  • Weight loss
  • Teeth grinding or yawning
  • Poor hair coat

  • The Staggering Statistics on Stomach Health

    Performance horses are particularly susceptible to gastric health problems due to the stress and rigors of training and competition. It is estimated that 63-93% of horses in competition suffer from gastric ulcers.

Platinum Gastric Support®

Helps Maintain Stomach and Hindgut Health

Platinum Gastric Support® helps maintain healthy gastric acid levels in the stomach, as well as normal intestinal protein levels. This formula also supports healthy digestion with Saccharomyces c. boulardii 1079, a daily probiotic and is recommended for performance horses or any horse prone to gastric health issues.

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  • Three Martini's Later

    Platinum Performance® client since 2005

    “My mare has been on Platinum Performance for several years now since she was young and has been doing wonderful on it. She wins her Trail classes consistently. Just this year alone out of 15 classes she has won 12. Her custom paks go to all the shows, they have her name on them so no one gets confused.” — Mimi C.

  • Sumah & Lacey

    Platinum Performance® client since 2010

    “I always thought Platinum CJ was the best until Platinum Gastric Support came along — amazing changes in my mare. No more girth issues, fighting with leg commands or stall kicking ... and best of all, no teeth grinding!” — Sarah C.

Not Sure if Your Horse’s

Stomach is Healthy?

A Platinum Advisor would love to help and can recommend the right gastric supplements for horses.