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Silicon is a trace element important to the formation of articular cartilage and connective tissue. When fed in combination with amino acids, antioxidants and omega-3 fatty acids it can help improve the speed and quality of healing. Platinum Performance® Equine or Platinum Performance® CJ can be fed in combination with Osteon for advanced soft tissue support.

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Supplements for Better Tendon & Ligament Health

Influencing Connective Tissue
Health with Nutrition

Performance horses put tremendous stress on their tendons and ligaments from the chronic wear and tear of intense training and competition. Key nutrients can provide essential building blocks to maintain strong connective tissues and also to aid in recovery after injury

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  • Support with Silicon

    Silicon supports both bone formation and calcification, and proper development of cartilage in the joints and connective tissues. Silicon deficiency causes slowed collagen formation, creating a negative impact on bone and connective tissues.


For Bone & Connective Tissues

Silicon is an important element to maintain healthy bones, tendons and ligaments in the horse. Osteon® contains a highly bio-available natural form of silicon called zeolite to support bone and connective tissue strength and healing.

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  • Sienna Sky

    Platinum Performance® client since 2009

    “Sienna Sky was diagnosed with a small tendon tear in her DDFT down in her foot near the navicular bursa. She was given a strict rehab program and a daily supplement of Platinum Performance CJ and Osteon. The Osteon to help support and heal bone and connective tissues. After 8 months, she is doing great and should be ready to enter the show ring soon. Even being layed up, she stayed in great physical condition.” — WenDee C.

  • Salomon

    Platinum Performance® client since 2012

    “About 1.5 years ago, my horse Salomon had foundered, injured his tendon sheath and fractured a bone in his leg all in the span of 2 years. After he foundered, I was concerned if he would be able to come back to full training. With the help of my vet, he made an incredible recovery — partly due to her recommending Platinum CJ. He looks great and is moving like his former self. We are back to competing and enjoying life together.” — Marybeth L.

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