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Allergies, illness or extreme performance can impact your horse’s respiratory health. Find the right formula for your horse’s needs.

Supplementing for Respiratory Health

Support Circulation

for Better Respiratory Health

Certain nutrients such as arginine support production of nitric oxide (NO), a signal molecule that plays a key role in both cardiovascular and nervous system function and also can act as a gatekeeper of blood flow to organs. NO turns off contraction of endothelial muscle fibers, resulting in dilation of the arteries, helping to regulate blood pressure and proper blood flow to alveolar capillaries found in the lungs.

  • Dealing with Respiratory Allergies?

    If your horse is experiencing an allergic response in the respiratory system it’s important to help maintain healthy levels of inflammation and immune function. Key nutrients to consider are omega-3 fatty acids to help maintain healthy levels of inflammation and antioxidants to maintain healthy histamine levels.

Platinum Immune Support

Provides Passive & Active Immune Support

Passive and active immune support may be helpful during times of respiratory outbreaks or shipping stress, exposure to another horse that is ill or a compromised immune system.

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  • Destiny

    Platinum Performance® client since 2011

    “I rescued Destiny out of a feed pen at an auction. She was 5 years old and also my first ever horse at age 46. She was not in the best of shape with thrush, over grown hooves, upper respiratory infection, dull coat and worried eyes. I ordered Platinum Performance a few weeks after I got her and she has been on it ever since. It gives me piece of mind that she receives all nutrients and vitamins she needs. Now at 8 years old she is a picture of health, coat is shiny and people always say even the white in her coat shines.” — Pia B.

  • Sonny’s Bonnie Lad

    Platinum Performance® client since 2011

    “My horse is a 21 year old Quarter Horse gelding named Sonny’s Bonnie Lad better known as Lad. We had done some showing in Western Pleasure and Hunter Under Saddle on the AQHA circuit, but now we mainly just have fun trail riding. He kept having flare-ups of respiratory distress. I did some research on-line and actually called Platinum Performance for advice. All the staff was very helpful and took my questions to the vets there, then called me back with the response. He has been on Platinum Performance Equine for about 10 years now. With Platinum Performance and careful management he is doing great” — Shannon

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