Dealing with Foal Heat Scours?

Bio-Sponge® May Be Helpful for Foals

Bio-Sponge® is supportive for intermittent cases of diarrhea and can also be used prophylactically for foals on endemic farms. It is also widely used with new foals because intestinal disturbances are especially dangerous for young horses. Many veterinarians rely on Bio-Sponge® to help support both foals and adult horses with occasional intestinal disturbances.

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Bio-Sponge for Diarrhea

In a university study, Bio-Sponge adsorbed 99% of two dangerous toxins, (clostridium dificile and clostridium perfringens), and was more effective at neutralizing toxins than bismuth subsalicylate.


For Occasional Diarrhea and Intestinal Upset

Designed to help support healthy gastrointestinal function in foals and adult horses, Bio-Sponge® has been used in veterinary practice for over 20 years.

  • Suitable for foals and adult horses
  • Available as a powder and a paste
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Bio-Sponge For Horses

Supporting Healthy Gastrointestinal Function

Using Bio-Sponge® for The Intestinal Health and Well-Being of The Horse and Foal.

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“Nutrition is an important part of our program. If you can keep a horse’s stomach happy, as well as his hindgut and foregut, he’s going to perform better. Especially while you’re traveling and showing.”

Liza Boyd

3-Time USHJA International Hunter Derby Finals Champion, USEF Emerson Burr Trophy Winner
Platinum Performance® Client since 2013