It Starts Within is a celebration of the passion, drive, determination and dedication it takes for a horse and rider team to achieve and exceed goals both in and outside of the arena.

“You can’t give it up. You can’t forget about it. It’s just part of who you are.”
The formula for success starts within.
— Laura Graves, Bronze Medalist, Team Dressage, WEG Silver Team &
Individual Medalist
Platinum Performance client since 2016

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“Are you willing to spend the time, not only for yourself, but for your horses?”
The formula for success starts within.
— Trevor Brazile, 25-time World Champion Cowboy,
Platinum Performance client since 2007
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It Starts Within

The love and care for our horses starts from a place deep inside of us all. No matter the level of achievement we seek, we have the ability to improve the lives of our horses. Results don’t happen overnight. It takes a passion, a level of dedication, hard work and the right nutrition to reach your goals. For over 20 years, Platinum Performance® has been improving the lives of horses at every level by impacting cellular biology, starting on the inside, through advanced nutrition.

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