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Rider with her personalized Platinum supplement PAKs®

Platinum PAKs

Make Supplementing Simple

Personalized Platinum PAKs® are a convenient way to provide horse supplements in daily doses. Custom PAKs can be created with the horse vitamins, trace minerals, antioxidants, or additional hoof and joint support that your horse needs. Some PAKs include complimentary Platinum Colic Coverage™ for peace of mind.

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Platinum Team Riders

  • Nicki Shahinian-Simpson

    International Grand Prix Rider
    Platinum Performance client since 1996

    “I started using Platinum in '96 when it was first developed, and I've been a big supporter all along. I swear by it. It gives everything that the horse needs from their joints to their coats to everyday fitness in one bucket. It is easy to feed, and it just makes sense.”

  • Bud Lyon

    2018 AQHA World Champion Senior Ranch Riding
    Platinum Performance client since 2009

    “As a competitor, I recognize that these athletes can only perform as well as they feel, and Platinum products allow my horses to feel (and look) their best. In order to cultivate the optimal performance from my horses, I give them the optimum in nutrition, and that's why I choose Platinum Performance.”

  • Sarah Lockman

    2019 Pan American Games Individual Gold Medalist, Dressage
    Platinum Performance client since 2012

    “Since switching my horses to Platinum Performance CJ, I have noticed their coats are dappled or shiny and they have less stiffness when warming up. My horses seem more comfortable and have more stamina. I recommend Platinum to all my clients as I feel it helps them get an extra 'kick' needed for athletes.”

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Rider with her horse covered by Platinum Colic Coverage™

Ride More. Worry Less.

With Platinum Colic Coverage™

Complimentary Reimbursement for Colic Surgery up to $10,000

  • No Age Limit for Horses
  • All Types of Colic Surgery Covered
  • Compatible with Equine Insurance
  • Order in Buckets or Platinum PAKs
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  • Platinum Longevity® is fed to a horse

    Platinum Longevity®

    The Power of Pterostilbene

    This pterostilbene-containing formula is chosen for performance horses to help maintain normal levels of inflammation and support the horse’s response to oxidative stress and muscle breakdown. Pterostilbene is a methylated analogue of resveratrol and is chemically similar, however it's 3 times more bioavailable.

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  • Nourishing the senior horse with a natural diet

    Nourishing The Senior Horse

    Veterinary care, tailored nutrition and owner dedication is allowing senior horses to thrive. Learn about concerns that affect senior horses and the Platinum products that can help.

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