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The Art of Nourishing the Equine Hoof

While the intricacies of the equine foot are clearly multifactorial, one thing is certain: the quality of the hoof always has a nutritional component. Inadequate nutrition can be the difference between having the potential for a hoof problem and actually developing one. Providing the dietary nourishment that the hoof needs can optimize health and provide the essentials needed to reach its potential.

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Hoof Growth is a Slow Process

Hoof Growth is a Slow Process Studies show it takes 9-12 months for hoof tissue to grow from the coronary band to the weight-bearing surface. For advanced hoof care needs it is important to supplement with Platinum Hoof Support daily and continue as part of a long-term hoof health regimen.

Platinum Hoof Support

Advanced Hoof Support Formula for Horses

Platinum Hoof Support was designed to support healthy hooves in horses with hoof care needs. Platinum Hoof Support provides concentrated levels of highly bio-available biotin, zinc, manganese, copper, cobalt, methionine and L-Lysine. Platinum Hoof Support should be used in conjunction with Platinum Performance ® Equine for best results.

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“We have a 17-year-old polo pony still playing 12-goal polo. He had crummy feet and a history of many abscesses during a year-long period. He would blow out the top, create huge cracks and grew foot so slowly the cracks wouldn’t have a chance to heal. He was impossible to shoe and lame barefoot. We tried supplement after supplement for years. Finally, at a vet visit, he suggested Platinum. The before picture is after a year and a half on hoof supplements. The after picture is after 10 months of Platinum. Thank you for a product that works!”
— Nina G.

Platinum Performance® Client since 2016
Uses: Platinum Performance® Equine & Platinum Hoof Support

Ingredients for Strong Healthy Hooves


is significant for both hoof growth and hoof horn quality. It also is involved in hoof strength as it is an element of the intercellular glue that binds hoof cells together.

L-Lysine & DL-Methionine

are amino acids, the building blocks for proteins and are essential for hoof growth as the hoof wall is 93% protein. Methionine is a sulfur-containing amino acid that is a primary constituent of keratin, the hard protein that makes up the hoof horn.

Zinc Gluconate

is necessary for the normal functioning of the cells that produce the hoof wall. Zinc-dependent enzymes are involved in keratinization and the hardening of the hoof.

Copper Gluconate

is involved in connecting hoof cells. Low dietary levels of copper are often associated with weak or damaged hooves.


is a mineral incorporated in the equine hoof horn and provides strength to the hoof wall and foot structures.

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