What Veterinarians Are Saying About Platinum Performance

  • Dr. Katie Prince

    Canyon Large Animal Clinic

    “The horses on Platinum look better, they feel better, and to be honest I have less problems with them.”

  • Dr. Jeff Foland

    Weatherford Equine Medical Center

    “Platinum is the gold standard- outstanding company with very high quality products.”

  • Dr. Jennifer Boeche

    Desert Pines Equine Medical & Surgical Center

    “Platinum products have proven results, they stand behind their products and they do what they’re supposed to do.”

  • Dr. Garth Lamb

    Desert Pines Equine Medical & Surgical Center

    “We see changes in hair coat, weight, and overall, becoming a healthy looking animal on Platinum.”

  • Dr. Kelsey Sapp

    Equine Medical Associates

    “Platinum has a ton of research. I feel really comfortable with their products and I know they work.”

  • Dr. Reese Hand

    Equine Sports Medicine & Surgery

    “Using Platinum Performance Wellness, I’ve had it change a horse when nothing else would.”

  • Dr. Bill Rhoads

    Premier Veterinary Services

    “I have faith that it helps the longevity of the horse, the joint, muscle tissue and connective tissues as well.”

  • Dr. Tim Ober

    Team USA Show Jumping Veterinarian

    “Platinum helps buffer the effects of stresses on performance horses. That’s how we use it in our practice on a very regular basis.”

  • Dr. Mark Silverman

    Sporthorse Veterinary Services

    “Platinum is the only nutraceutical I stock. I trust that it is what it says it is, it’s fresh, and the horses do great on it.”

Read Client Reviews of Platinum Performance

Read Client Reviews