Easy for You and Your Clients

Platinum Direct Dispense® is a flexible program that makes it simple for your clients to comply with your nutritional recommendations, and offers great profitability for your practice. Once enrolled, you'll receive a unique Platinum Direct Dispense® ID and pre-printed cards, directing clients to order by phone or online. Soon you'll start receiving a monthly report and a transfer payment for your clients' gross purchases.

Enroll in Platinum Direct Dispense®

How It Works

Client Ordering Made Easy

Platinum Direct Dispense Cards for Clients

Clients order the Platinum Performance® formulas you prescribe directly by phone or online under their own account.

Fast, Same Day Shipping

Products are shipped same-day. You don’t need to stock products or bill clients.

Monthly Summary

You receive a transfer payment and monthly summary of your clients' orders.

Benefits to Your Practice

  • Increases practice profitability
  • Improves the health and performance of your patients
  • Simple process improves client compliance with your recommendations
  • Convenient ordering and billing for you, your clients and your practice
  • Platinum Advisors available to answer your client's questions about supplementation
  • Complimentary in-practice tools to help build your supplement program
  • Reduces inventory costs for your practice
  • No billing necessary. Platinum Performance VET® handles the transactions and sends you a monthly summary

Committed to Your Clients

Every Horse. Every Call. Every Time.

The Platinum Advisor Team cares for your clients with the highest level of dedicated service and expertise. We are committed to serving with heart, and your clients and their horses will receive our best, every time. Call a Platinum Advisor at 866-553-2400 with your questions about Direct Dispense today.

Enroll in Direct Dispense®