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Platinum Colic Coverage®

Standing Behind Your Practice Wellness Services

Integrate Platinum Colic Coverage Into Your Practice

Advanced nutrition coupled with your preventive veterinary wellness care is a winning combination. See how Platinum Colic Coverage® benefits your patients, clients and practice.

Complimentary Colic Surgery Reimbursement with Two Levels of Coverage

We know nutrition plays a critical role in equine health and has a direct impact on a horse's digestive health, specifically the occurrence rate of colic1. A more natural diet with limited grains and concentrates, the most appropriate supplements and regular preventive veterinary wellness care can help your patients stay healthy and performing at their best.

Applying is Simple

Whether your clients call a Platinum Advisor or visit us online, applying is easy when clients follow these simple steps:


Clients complete one application per horse by filling it out here: Get Started


All eligible formulas are available for purchase in either buckets or Platinum PAKs®, and must be placed on Auto-Ship.

Stay Qualified

Enrolled and eligible horses become covered 28 days after their first order ships. Clients must stay on track with their Auto-Ship and their veterinarian's recommended wellness services.

Enroll Your Personal Horse

As a veterinarian, you are welcome to enroll your personal horse in the Platinum Colic Coverage® program. Call a Platinum Advisor or apply online.

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“I see nutrition as an important part of overall health for both horses and people. Whether we’re treating less disease or managing an existing problem better through better nutrition. These are things that make the value unquestionable.”
— Dr. Richard Markell

$8,000 Coverage

Wellness Plan

To support the total body health of your horse and to qualify for the $8,000 level of coverage, choose one of our comprehensive wellness formulas for your horse. To qualify for the Wellness Plan, feed your horse a daily dose of either Platinum Performance® Equine or Platinum Performance® CJ.

The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula

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The Comprehensive Wellness, Performance & Complete Joint Formula

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$10,000 Coverage

Wellness + GI Plan

For a higher level of coverage, feed Platinum Performance® GI or add an advanced digestive support formula to one of our comprehensive wellness formulas.

Possible Wellness + GI Plan product combinations include Platinum Performance® GI, Platinum Performance® Equine and Platinum Balance®, Platinum Performance® Equine and Platinum Gastric Support®, Platinum Performance® CJ and Platinum Balance®, or Platinum Performance® CJ and Platinum Gastric Support®.

Wellness & Performance Formula + Digestive Care

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A Daily Probiotic to Maintain Digestive Health

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Helps Maintain Stomach and Hindgut Health

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To Be Considered for Platinum Colic Coverage®, Horses Must:

  • Be over the age of 5 months and fully weaned
  • Have never had abdominal surgery of any kind
  • Not have experienced colic in the past 12 months
  • Have no history of chronic colic (defined as 3 or more
    veterinarian-attended episodes in any 12-month period)

Maintaining Coverage

Feed Platinum Daily

Clients need to give their horse the recommended daily dosage of their Platinum Performance® nutritional formulas in buckets or Platinum PAKs®.

Visit Their Veterinarian

Clients must visit you for an annual wellness exam, including a dental exam, fecal egg count test, vaccinations and the deworming schedule you recommend.

Are You Enrolled in Direct Dispense®?

Platinum Colic Coverage® helps ensure that clients are staying consistent with not only your annual wellness services, but with feeding their Platinum formulas. This means that you'll get a detailed monthly report of both Platinum Colic Coverage®-enrolled horses, and also the Direct Dispense® earnings generated from these orders.

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Research Cited:

1 Nathaniel A. White, Marion duPont Scott Equine Medical Center, Colic Prevalence, Risk Factors and Prevention. 2006.