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Active bodies thrive with the proper nutrition. Start with the best and anything is possible.

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Gary Hall Jr., 10-Time Olympic MedalistPlatinum Performance® Client since 2000

Fueling Champions
With the Power of Nutrition

When one one-hundredth of a second or a fraction of a point is the difference between victory and nothing, give your body a nutritional advantage to reach its full potential.

Sport is an Art.
Performance is a Science

Ingredients from nature can help unlock the body’s natural potential to perform, recover and thrive under the strains of training.

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Mike and Steve Marolt
High Altitude Skiers and Stars of Skiing Everest
Platinum Performance® Clients since 2012

Preparing Your Body for
When Adventure Calls

"We have skied some 40 of the world's highest peaks. Ortho-Chon Plus is helping us to progress at an age where most people have long since hung up the skis."

Tested, Trusted & Tried

Competitive athletes can feel confident knowing that in addition to strict in-house testing, Platinum Performance® sends finished formulas to a trusted 3rd party drug surveillance lab that provides internationally recognized expertise in doping controls for sports.

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