Climb high. Run fast. Fo far.

Your health is the ticket to adventure.

Drew Stoecklein, Photographer, Big Mountain Skier

Platinum Performance® Client since 2005

Nutrition for Athletes

Active bodies thrive with the proper nutrition. Start with the best and anything is possible.

For Comprehensive Total Body Health

Platinum Performance® Wellness is a great-tasting blend of premium ingredients that supports total body health. It provides omega-3 fatty acids from freshly ground flax seeds, organic flax oil, and vegetarian DHA (25 mg per serving).

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High Performance Athlete Formula

Platinum Power® offers our highest level of athletic support, combining the ingredients in three premium formulas: Hemo-Flo®, Myo-Aid and Platinum BCAA (branched chain amino acids) for optimal performance and recovery. From Olympians to athletes of any discipline, Platinum Power® delivers comprehensive support.

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Fueling Champions
With the Power of Nutrition

When one one-hundredth of a second or a fraction of a point is the difference between victory and nothing, give your body a nutritional advantage to reach its full potential.

Gary Hall Jr., 10-Time Olympic Medalist

Platinum Performance® Client since 2000

Sport is an Art.
Performance is a Science

Ingredients from nature can help unlock the body’s natural potential to perform, recover and thrive under the strains of training.

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Preparing Your Body for
When Adventure Calls

“We have skied some 40 of the world's highest peaks. Ortho-Chon Plus is helping us to progress at an age where most people have long since hung up the skis.”

Mike and Steve Marolt

High Altitude Skiers and Stars of Skiing Everest
Platinum Performance® Clients since 2012

Tested, Trusted & Tried

Competitive athletes can feel confident knowing that in addition to strict in-house testing, Platinum Performance® sends finished formulas to a trusted 3rd party drug surveillance lab that provides internationally recognized expertise in doping controls for sports.

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