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Building the Perfect Supplement Plan for Each Horse

Step 1: Choose a Wellness Formula for Total Horse Health

  • Platinum Performance® Equine

    Platinum Performance® Equine

    The Wellness and Performance Formula

    Platinum Performance® Equine Wellness supports every part of your horse including ...

    Starting at $15.00
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  • Platinum Performance® CJ

    Platinum Performance® CJ

    The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula + Complete Joint Support

    Platinum Performance® CJ is the only supplement of its kind to combine ASU for joi...

    Starting at $20.00
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Choosing Additional Formulas for Targeted Support

Step 2: Add Supplements for Specific Health Needs and Goals to Complete Your Customized PAK

  • Platinum Hoof Support

    Platinum Hoof Support

    Advanced Hoof Support Formula for Horses

    Starting at $15.00
  • Platinum Balance PAK

    Platinum Balance®

    A Daily Probiotic to Maintain Digestive Health

    Starting at $12.00
  • Platinum Skin & Allergy PAK

    Platinum Skin & Allergy

    Helps Maintain Normal Histamine Levels

    Starting at $21.00
  • Platinum Gastric Support PAK

    Platinum Gastric Support®

    Helps Maintain Stomach and Hindgut Health

    Starting at $40.00
  • Equine Vitamin E PAK

    Vitamin E

    A Natural Antioxidant

    Starting at $13.00
  • Bio-Sponge®


    Supports Healthy Gastrointestinal Function

    Starting at $12.00
  • Platinum Longevity PAK

    Platinum Longevity®

    A Highly Bio-Available Resveratrol Analogue Formula

    Starting at $51.00
  • Equine Platinum Power PAK

    Platinum Power®

    High Performance Athlete Formula

    Starting at $136.00
  • Equine Platinum Metabolic Support PAK

    Platinum Metabolic Support

    Helps Support Healthy Metabolic Function

    Starting at $20.00