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Supplements for Complete Horse Health

It All Starts with a Strong Foundation

Choose the right foundation supplement to keep your horse healthy.

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Addresses your horse's total body health from joint and hoof care to athletic performance and coat health. It's like giving more than 10 supplements in every scoop.

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Popular with performance horses and senior horses, this formula delivers all the benefits of Platinum Performance® Equine plus advanced joint supporting ingredients like ASU, MSM, Cetyl myristoleate and hyaluronic acid.

Does Your Horse Need Additional Support?

We offer a full line of products for horses with specific health concerns that need targeted support. They are carefully formulated to be given with Platinum Performance® Equine, or Platinum Performance® CJ.

Joint Hoof Allergy
Weight Management Immune Support Metabolic Support
Bone Health Disposition Foal Care
Intestinal Support Tendon and Ligament Reproductive Health
Electrolyte Athletic Performance Antioxidant Support
Senior Care Gastric Health Digestive Health
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