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Topline Supplements for Horses

Supporting a Strong Topline with Nutrition

Known as the “core” muscle group, a horse's topline refers to the collection of muscles along the back, neck and hindquarters that are responsible for how a horse moves, jumps and pivots. Proper diet and conditioning are fundamental in supporting the health of this vitally important set of muscles.

Step 1: Start with a Strong Foundation

High-quality forage paired with a comprehensive daily supplement, like one of the Platinum Performance® Wellness Formulas, deliver the essential nutrients, including amino acids, needed to support the health of the topline.

The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula + Complete Joint
The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula + Digestive Care
Overall Wellness & Performance
+ joint
Platinum Performance® CJ
The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula + Complete Joint
Our most potent joint support formula combines a whole-horse wellness formula with comprehensive joint support. Popular with performance horses and senior horses, Platinum Performance® CJ was developed in veterinary practice and is the only supplement of its kind to provide extensive joint support with all of the benefits of Platinum Performance® Equine to support every part of the horse from digestion, skin & coat, hooves, and more.
Recommended daily dosage for a 1,000 lb horse is 2 scoops, which is 2 servings.
Price starting at $179.00
+ digestive
Platinum Performance® GI
The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula + Digestive Care

Platinum Performance® GI provides a gastrointestinal-focused approach to total horse health. Equine gut health is not only important for proper digestion but also immune health because an estimated 70-80 percent of the immune system lives in a horse’s gastrointestinal system. This veterinary-developed formula provides omega-3 fatty acids, antioxidants, vitamins, trace minerals, along with Bio-Sponge®, prebiotics, probiotics and glutamine for GI support.
Recommended daily dosage for a 1,000 lb horse is 2 scoops, which is 2 servings.

Price starting at $117.00
Platinum Performance® Equine
The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula

Platinum Performance® Equine was created out of clinical necessity as a comprehensive omega-3 formula to transform equine health at the cellular level. Because of its comprehensive nature, the ingredients work synergistically to support every aspect of health and performance, including joints, muscles, hooves, skin and coat, digestion and more.
Recommended daily dosage for a 1,000 lb horse is 2 scoops, which is 2 servings.

Price starting at $77.00

Step 2: Add Targeted Support for High Performance Athletes or Horses Needing Extra Support

High-performance equine athletes or horses with a weak topline may need extra support for muscle health and recovery.

For Equine Athletic Performance Recovery

This potent formula helps maintain muscle strength, and supports performance stamina and recovery from soreness and fatigue by providing amino acids and powerful antioxidants. Platinum Renew® supports horses’ recovery after exercise and should be given within one hour after exertion. Also available as Platinum Renew® Paste, convenient for pre- and post-performance and 2 times as potent as the powder.

Price starting at $99.00
Muscle Support for Equine Strength and Recovery

Designed with the equine athlete in mind, Myo-Vet® supports muscle development and function. This potent formula supports lean muscle mass and helps to maintain minimal post-exercise muscle breakdown, which may be helpful in supporting athletic performance, recovery, and improved muscle strength.
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Price starting at $205.00
Helps to Support Equine Muscle Development & Recovery

Platinum BCAA supports a horse's ability to maintain muscle tissue and glycogen stores. By providing these branched chain amino acids, Platinum BCAA supports muscle tone and may also support mental alertness and healthy immune function.

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Price starting at $183.00
High Performance Equine Athlete Formula

The ultimate in athletic support formulas, Platinum Power® is a combination of four premium performance formulas. Beta Lip-Ox® supports ATP production for cellular energy. Hemo-Flo® helps support healthy blood pressure and proper blood flow during exercise, which is important for the athletic horse. Myo-Vet® supports lean muscle mass. Platinum BCAA combines branched chain amino acids to help maintain muscle tone.

Price starting at $199.00
Healthy Weight supplement to support Topline in horses

Health Tip

Are You Feeding a Low-Protein Forage?

A horse may need an extra source of essential amino acids and calories to support a strong topline. If feeding a lower quality forage, considering adding a small amount of alfalfa or feed and adding calories with a healthy oil like Platinum's Healthy Weight.

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