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Success with Platinum Performance® Equine

  • Billy S. and Oliver

    “I recently competed in the Fort Collins Extreme Mustang Makeover, where I was a top ten finalist on my horse, Oliver. These pictures show an extreme transformation from week one to the end of the 90 days when I showed him. Out of 40 horses, he received the highest score in body conditioning! After speaking with many of the other competitors, I realized I was the only one in the competition that had their horse on Platinum Performance. I believe in your product 100% after it turned this little guy into a show horse!”

    Platinum Performance Client since 2011
    Uses: Platinum Performance® Equine

  • Myra S. and Mouse

    “This is “Mouse” aka Mahara's Red. She is a BLM Mustang and the reserve champion at the Jacksonville Extreme Mustang Makeover 2016. She was gathered in Wyoming in January and selected for the EMM. She was drawn and trained by Stan Smith for their event. She is a testament to Platinum Performance products and proper nutrition. Her transformation is astounding. Look at the gorgeous coat. Your products are amazing. I am the lucky owner of this beautiful girl now.”

    Platinum Performance Client since 2016
    Uses: Platinum Performance® Equine

  • Tracie G. and Smokey

    “Smokey was extremely underweight and getting hoof abscesses every 8 months in all four feet no matter what I tried. My vet recommended Platinum Performance and Platinum Hoof Support. After 90 days, he looks amazing! He gained over 200 pounds and his coat is glossy and darker! His hooves are growing, pliable and have moisture.

    Platinum Performance Client since 2012
    Uses: Platinum Performance® Equine & Platinum Hoof Support

  • Michelle S. and Echo

    “I got Echo about a year ago and she ‘needed groceries’. She had a severe gas colic ... and I thought it was goodbye. After the gas colic resolved, my vet immediately suggested we add Platinum Performance for her overall health. Moving her to a place with good pasture, and the addition of Platinum has brought out the horse she was meant to be.”

    Platinum Performance Client since 2012
    Uses: Platinum Performance® Equine

  • Stacie W. and StickUp

    “I purchased my gelding, Frosted Charm aka "StickUp" in October of 2016. He was stringy looking, had a dull haircoat, and his skin was covered in fungus. I brought him home and put him on Platinum Performance and in just one month the change was remarkable. He gained significant weight and muscle tone, his haircoat had shine and much better color, and his skin was healthy! Platinum Performance has made such a dramatic difference in our feeding program and the health of our horses!”

    Platinum Performance Client since 2016
    Uses: Platinum Performance® Equine

  • Rita S. and Jesse

    “This is my dream horse Jesse. He came to me from Kentucky and was 100 pounds underweight and not very well kept. I immediately dewormed him, had his teeth floated, put him on a good hay and, of course, Platinum Performance. He began to itch, so I put him on the Platinum Skin and Allergy formula and Platinum Hoof supplement. I had the vet run an allergy test and found out he was allergic to all hay except orchard grass. I have had so many compliments on the new and improved horse after just 90 days. If I had a dollar for every compliment I received on him, I would be able to buy a year’s supply of Platinum Performance! It’s a wonderful product. I have had our quarter horse gelding on it for many years. He is 17 and doing great. My dog and cat are also on Platinum Performance. Everyone does so well on your products. I’m scratching my head as to why my husband and I are not using your product! LOL. I guess we’re next! I took the challenge because I knew what it could do for this beautiful horse. What an amazing difference!”

    Platinum Performance Client since 2012
    Uses: Platinum Performance® Equine, Platinum Hoof Support, and Platinum Skin & Allergy

Success with Platinum Performance® CJ

  • Lindsey S. and Excalibur

    “Our horse just turned 5 and is a 17.3 hand Thoroughbred sired from Dynaformer. Our trainer said she felt like Platinum Performance CJ would be very good for him. We wanted to put some weight on him, support his joints and improve his coat.”

    Platinum Performance Client since 2013
    Uses: Platinum Performance® CJ

  • Laura M. and Cash

    “I had planned on putting whatever horse I purchased on Platinum Performance seeing as my current mare has been on Platinum CJ for years and even the vet forgets her real age (18 going on 12)! Since starting on Platinum, Cash has blossomed into an even more amazing horse. After one month, he’s become a better looking horse and seems to be more bright eyed and happy. Thanks again for what you all do there at Platinum!”

    Platinum Performance Client since 2009
    Uses: Platinum Performance® CJ

  • Helene B. and Gina

    “When I brought Gina home as a rehab project, I knew in my heart there was an amazing horse under the ribs and sunburnt, brittle coat. She’s an 18-year-old German Hanoverian who wasn’t thriving, had developed a laundry list of health and digestive issues and desperately needed some good groceries on board with an aggressive supplement plan. From her first meal, I started her on Bio-Sponge for her diarrhea, Platinum CJ and Gastric Support. I can’t thank you enough.”

    Platinum Performance Client since 2010
    Uses: Platinum Performance® CJ, Platinum Gastric Support®, and Bio-Sponge®

  • Lieselotte K. and Dolce Vita

    “Dolce Vita joined our family in 2012. Even though our understanding was that she has some driving experience, we started from scratch and brought her along slowly. As soon as she came to the farm, we put her on Platinum Performance supplements. I recently looked at her first Coggins picture and was astounded to see the difference in the before and current photo!”

    Platinum Performance Client since 2012
    Uses: Platinum Performance® CJ

  • Kate H. and Malibu

    “Malibu (Fairlea Silver Pep) was in a generally malnourished condition and had been injected in his stifles and hocks twice within 60 days before we took control of him. He had a body condition score of 2. Our immediate concerns were about overall weight issues, muscle tone, joint health, bone & tendon health, gastric health and skin & coat health. We started to use Platinum products even before our veterinarian had seen Malibu as recommended by Les Oswald, who took over his training and health management starting in September of 2011. Malibu is a prime example of the remarkable results gained in overall conditioning and health necessary to put him back in training and high level performance competition. Malibu just competed in his first event since his recovery and is doing very, very well.”

    Platinum Performance Client since 2011
    Uses: Platinum Performance® CJ and Platinum Gastric Support®

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