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  • Laura M. and Cash

    “I had planned on putting whatever horse I purchased on Platinum Performance seeing as my current mare has been on Platinum CJ for years and even the vet forgets her real age (18 going on 12)! Since starting on Platinum, Cash has blossomed into an even more amazing horse. After one month, he’s become a better looking horse and seems to be more bright eyed and happy. Thanks again for what you all do there at Platinum!.”

    Platinum Performance Client since 2009
    Uses: Platinum Performance® CJ

  • Michelle S. and Echo

    “I got Echo about a year ago and she ‘needed groceries’. She had a severe gas colic, and I thought it was goodbye. My vet immediately suggested we add Platinum Performance for her overall health. Moving her to a place with good pasture, and the addition of Platinum has brought out the horse she was meant to be.”

    Platinum Performance Client since 2012
    Uses: Platinum Performance® Equine


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