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Typically, our clients see improved results in their horses and a simplification to their supplement program. Taking BEFORE and AFTER pictures really helps clarify the results you see in your horse after completing one 25lb bucket of Platinum Performance Equine or Platinum Performance CJ. We invite you to take the Platinum Challenge, enroll your horse, purchase a 25lb bucket and see the difference in your horse!

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How the Platinum Challenge Works

Step 1:

Enroll a Horse

Choose a horse in your barn to take the Platinum Challenge, fill out the quick enrollment form and submit your horse’s BEFORE picture.

Step 2:

Purchase a Bucket

Purchase and feed a 25 pound bucket of Platinum Performance® Equine or Platinum Performance® CJ, roughly a 3-month supply for 1 horse.

Step 3:

Track Progress

Take pictures of your horse at 30, 60 and 90 days. Your photos and success story will document your horse’s progress throughout the Platinum Challenge. Don't worry, we'll remind you!

Step 4:

Share to Win

Submit your Platinum Challenge photos and equine nutrition success story for a chance to be featured and win a complimentary 25 pound bucket!

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Success Stories

  • Myra S. and Mouse

    “This is “Mouse” aka Mahara's Red. She is a BLM Mustang and the reserve champion at the Jacksonville Extreme Mustang Makeover 2016. She was gathered in Wyoming in January and selected for the EMM. She was drawn and trained by Stan Smith for their event. She is a testament to Platinum Performance products and proper nutrition. Her transformation is astounding. Look at the gorgeous coat. Your products are amazing. I am the lucky owner of this beautiful girl now.”

    Platinum Performance Client since 2016
    Uses: Platinum Performance® Equine

  • Tracie G. and Smokey

    “Smokey was extremely underweight and getting hoof abscesses every 8 months in all four feet no matter what I tried. My vet recommended Platinum Performance and Platinum Hoof Support. After 90 days, he looks amazing! He gained over 200 pounds and his coat is glossy and darker! His hooves are growing, pliable and have moisture.

    Platinum Performance Client since 2012
    Uses: Platinum Performance® Equine & Platinum Hoof Support

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At Platinum, there is nothing that we enjoy more than hearing about the success of our clients. Share your before and after photos and the results that you have see in your horse.

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