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Who We Are

From day one we have known exactly who we are, what matters to us and the defining values that have always and will always guide us. It’s not about us, it’s about you and the animals you love.

  • Our Clients
    You, our client. You’re our “why.” You and other riders like you are why we always strive to be better; you’re our greatest motivation and largest responsibility.
  • Our Promise
    We do things right, we hold you as our client in the highest regard and we always choose safety and efficacy first.
  • Our Future
    We are motivated, more and more every day, to change lives, improve performance and influence disease. That’s what keeps us charging forward.

Founded in Veterinary Practice

Platinum Performance® was founded by renowned equine veterinarian and surgeon, Dr. Doug Herthel in 1996. From our earliest days we have held a strong commitment to veterinarians and the highest respect for their role in guiding the health and performance of the horse.

Our Team

Our team is our core. We serve our clients with heart, unwavering commitment and a dedication to science.

  • Platinum Advisor Team
    The Platinum Advisors are highly educated in equine nutrition and, of equal importance, they’re horse owners and athletes themselves. They’ll give you their all every time.
  • Veterinary Advisory Team
    Everything we do must be scientifically and medically sound. Our veterinary advisors help ensure that the service we provide, formulas we develop and literature we publish are impactful and accurate.
  • Research & Development Team
    We push hard to research new ingredients, seek out the highest quality sources, test new formulas and operate several research studies and feeding trials at any given time.

A Culture of Research

At Platinum we pledge to never stand still. We’re committed to making a significant impact on health and performance, and to do that we must be actively engaged in important research to further the reach of nutrition in medicine.

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“I really like to use the best of the best, and based on my research and after speaking with my vets and trainers, it was clear that Platinum was the best.”
— Karen Polle, International Grand Prix Rider

We’re Here to Help

Call a Platinum Advisor for help choosing the right formula for your horse. From total body wellness to all levels of performance, our targeted nutrients deliver results.

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