Taylor Flury

Why Platinum

“We are first and foremost a team that loves our horses and wants them to be cared for in the best possible fashion. We do not take short cuts when it comes to their health, care or training. Our horses compete all across the U.S. and are different than most show horses in that they pull double duty as breeding and showing horses with exceptional results in both areas. I ask so much of them, and I am lucky to have such incredible horses that always try their hearts out for me. I want to give them every possible advantage to succeed and stay healthy. With Platinum, we see and feel visible results.”

Riding Before Walking

Taylor began riding before she could walk when her mom brought home a sweet old Shetland pony named Buster, who quickly became her best friend and inspired her love for horses. Although horses were always in the backyard growing up at her farm, Taylor began seriously showing in the jumpers when she was 13 years old. Two brain surgeries at the age of 15 sidelined her from the show ring for a year, but inspired her passion for breeding which segued into the development of young horses. Taylor says, “I love the process of taking a young horse, who is essentially a blank slate, and watching him develop and grow into his full potential. It is so rewarding to work with young horses because they are so impressionable and willing to learn.” Role Model, the first young horse that Taylor developed, made several of her dreams come true. Taylor won her first Grand Prix on her, and her hard work and love for young horses paid off when Role Model was awarded the 5- and 6-year old National Horse of the Year honors.

The Young Guns

Carrasca Z and Calano Z, both Zangersheide stallions, are Taylor’s current top superstars. She has developed both of them through the ranks of the young jumper program with hopes that they will be making Grand Prix debuts in the near future. In 2015 and 2017, Taylor qualified for the World Championships for Young Jumpers. A personal highlight was finishing 5th out of 200 entries in the qualifier with Carrasca Z at the 7-year old World Championships. Taylor’s goals include developing her young horses into 1.60m Grand Prix horses and to win a medal from the World Championship Finals along the way.

Taylor's Formulas for Success
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  • Platinum Potency® for breeding stallions
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Tanya Jenkins is a sponsored endorsee and actual client.