Russ & Janet Westfall

"I had heard it said a long time ago that luck is nothing more than having preparation and opportunity come together. If you're prepared when you get to the horse show and your horses feel good and they're working good, the chances are more in your favor."

Their Horse

Hall of Fame Family

Husband and wife duo, Russ and Janet Westfall, are both in the NCHA Riders Hall of Fame, with earnings in excess of $3.4million between them. There son, Brandon holds his own in the cutting pen as well.

Really Western

The ranch headquarters where Russ and Janet Westfall live and train horses, was originally built in 1894. It was used as a stagecoach stop for travelers and has been a horse training facility since the 1950's.

Russ & Janet's Formulas for Success
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Russ & Janet Westfall are sponsored endorsees and actual clients.