Dakota Eldridge

The Cowboy Way

Dakota Eldridge knows what it means to be a champion. He also knows the commitment it takes to get there. The Elko, Nevada cowboy is young, fit and an inspiring example of living life the cowboy way. Raised on horseback, Dakota’s humble and dedicated approach to the world of professional rodeo has not only won him the title of Wrangler National Finals Rodeo Average Champion, but it has won him the hearts of rodeo fans everywhere. He’s the kind of guy you want to root for.

Above all, Dakota is a horseman. Constantly concerned for his horses’ well-being, he’s quick to put the needs of Rusty, Cruiser and Gypsy well before his own. Rusty, of course, is Dakota’s famous steer wrestling mount that has taken the likes of Dakota and fellow steer wrestler, Luke Branquinho, to victory at the National Finals Rodeo and on the circuit throughout the year. Rusty is a steadfast athlete on which Dakota relies.

Why Platinum

"Before incorporating Platinum Performance into Rusty’s diet, I would unload him out of the trailer after a long haul and he would look tired and worn out. Since feeding Platinum Performance, I have noticed a considerable difference in Rusty’s overall attitude; his eyes are brighter, his coat is shiner, he has more energy, and he is ready to go when I unload him now."

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Dakota's Formulas for Success
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Dakota Eldridge is a sponsored endorsee and actual client.