Charlotte Bredahl-Baker

"I have fed Platinum to my horses and taken it myself since 1996. The custom Platinum PAKs are perfect for all the traveling I do, and the Bars are my go-to snack between rides. I make sure the horses have the best, and when I started to feed myself better, it's amazing how great I felt. Platinum helps keep me feeling good when I'm constantly on the go!"

Horse of a Lifetime

Monsieur, or Moose was selected as the USDF Horse of the Year twice. Unbelievably, he was purchased as a sales prospect and was for sale most of his competitive career. Every time a potential buyer tried him, they found what they determined to be a flaw. Bredahl believes, however, that he was just destined to be her horse. The two went on to become part of the historic bronze-medal winning U.S. dressage team at the 1992 Barcelona Olympics, the 1994 and 1997 U.S. Dressage Federation Grand Prix Horse of the Year, and a consistent performer who was competitive at the Grand Prix level for 10 years, and Charlotte's treasured companion.

Charlotte's Formulas for Success
  • Joint Supplements for Horses
    Platinum Performance® CJ

    The Equine Wellness & Performance Formula + Complete Joint

    Our most potent joint support formula combines a whole-horse wellness formula with comprehensive joint support. ...

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  • Equine Wellness in a Convenient Bar
    Platinum Bar EQ®

    Platinum Equine Wellness Formula in a Convenient Bar Form

    Platinum Bar EQ® is all the goodness of Platinum Performance® Equine Wellness in a convenient, tasty bar...

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  • Platinum Gastric Support®
    Platinum Gastric Support®

    Helps Maintain Equine Stomach and Hindgut Health

    Platinum Gastric Support® helps maintain healthy gastric acid levels in the stomach, as well as normal intes...

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Charlotte Bredahl-Baker is a sponsored endorsee and actual client.