Bear Pascoe

About Scotch

Scotch is my first steer wrestling horse. As I am relatively new to this event, it was important for me to find a horse with some experience so that I could prioritize working on my technique. Scotch has been instrumental in my success thus far.

Why I Choose Platinum

“I was introduced to Platinum products when I was playing football. I found that the Ortho-Chon Plus was very helpful in maintaining and protecting my joints during a time when my body was constantly enduring a lot of stress. As I transitioned from football to rodeo, it was only natural that I would supplement my horses with the same products that I found effective for myself. My horse, Scotch, is a little bit older, so it is important for me to ensure he is receiving the highest quality products to keep him feeling good and performing well, which is why I rely on Platinum.”

Bear's Formulas for Success
  • Equine Ortho-Chon®

    Equine Joint Support Formula

    Ortho-Chon® is a potent stand-alone joint formula for healthy joint function. Ortho-Chon® contains Gluco...

    Starting at $71.00
  • Platinum Longevity®
    Platinum Longevity®

    A Highly Bio-Available Resveratrol Analogue Formula for Horses

    This formula is chosen for high performing equine athletes to help maintain normal levels of inflammation and su...

    Starting at $122.00
  • Probiotics for Horses
    Platinum Balance®

    A Daily Probiotic to Maintain Equine Digestive Health

    This daily probiotic formula provides both prebiotics and probiotics to support digestion and hindgut health. Th...

    Starting at $26.00
  • Platinum Multivitamin and Mineral Formula
    Platinum Multivitamin and Mineral Formula

    Once Daily Multi-Vitamin

    Platinum Multi-Vitamin & Mineral Formula provides a balance of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants designed to s...

  • Vitamin D3
    Vitamin D3

    Supports Bone and Immune Health

    Vitamin D is a nutrient affecting all cells in the body. Without it, calcium cannot be absorbed and used for mai...


Bear Pascoe is a sponsored endorsee and actual client.