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We were founded in veterinary medicine, and the Platinum Approach started with real life cases and clinical research. Our clients have been relying on us to keep their horses healthy for nearly 20 years.

Real Clients. Real Results.

  • Bob Loomis

    Loomis Quarter Horses has raised, trained and stood three generations of Million Dollar Sires. Bob is also a NRHA Hall of Fame inductee Six-Time NRHA Open Futurity Champion
    Platinum Performance® Client since 2006

    "Where we see the biggest advantage is using Platinum with broodmares from conception to foaling, while bone is developing. We had one mare that had never had a foal with a clean vet check. We just x-rayed her yearling from that pregnancy, and he is clean of any lesions. We also give it to the babies and yearlings to help them grow and develop."
  • Lark

    Platinum Client since 2014

    "Lark is my heart! When Lark hears me walking to the barn, he gives me a hearty whinny. I started giving him Platinum Performance when I had to change his feed to whole oats. The previous feed gave him too much energy. The Platinum Performance makes him look like a mirror! At shows, people always comment on the way that he shines!" —Melodie M.
  • The products are very high quality, customer service is excellent, and my horse does so great on the product. Also, when I want to add another PP supplement I know that I can do so easily and safely. No wondering if my horse is getting too much of one nutrient or not enough of another.
    — Susan M, Rexford, NY

  • Buddy likes the Platinum bites...his coat is thick and soft. Since he has epilepsy, we feel that it is very important to supplement his diet. Platinum gives him more of the necessary nutrients needed for a healthy life, that the medications make take away.
    — Juanita K., West Chicago, IL

  • Both my cat and dog seem to have improved on their health, especially my cat. She is 11 and has had some joint problems.
    — Debra G., Red Oak, TX

  • Easy to handle and great assistance from those who work at Platinum Performance. Plus recommended by three vets in our area.
    — Patricia D., Haymarket, VA

  • I like the products, selection and especially the customer service! The joint supplements really make a difference in the movement and attitude of the animals we have used the products on.
    — Sierra Valley Large Animal Vet Services

  • You can see a 100% difference in horses appearance and performance on Platinum CJ. It is a necessity for high competition levels. Will not compete without it.
    — Aimee K., Bluffdale, TX

  • I've recommended platinum products to many people because of the success I've had with my mare. My horse is healthy and competitive by just eating high quality hay and platinum wellness and I've eliminated grain from her diet. I've also been very impressed with platinum’s customer service and have called for advice even on a Saturday.
    — Pepa R., Portland, OR

  • My dog Rosie is flourishing with your product, I could not ask for anything more!
    — Ken W., Long Beach, CA

  • My horse moves better and behave as though he feels better! He's 21 and everyone guesses he's 12-14.
    — Lisa D., Sodus Pt., NY

  • The products are effective and work the way they are supposed to. Customer service has always been excellent both for communication and getting products to us quickly.
    — Livermore Country Pet Hospital

  • Platinum Performance CJ has been a tremendous help to my 10 year-old chocolate lab! He has arthritis and mild hip dysplasia. With Platinum Performance added to his food every day, he can stand up, run around and play like he did much younger. Thank you for such a wonderful product!
    — Nicole H., Gainesville, GA

  • Diamond's overall appearance has improved. He finds the taste appealing, and is more calm and focused with his work. I love the convenience, and freshness of the Paks. Customer service was a dream come true - a real person answered the phone! Thank you Platinum!
    — Karen D., Scottsdale, AZ

  • Quality ingredients, without fillers, at guaranteed amounts. I am a vet tech & work for an equine vet. He only recommends Platinum for our clients' horses.
    — Tamara L, Marble Falls, TX

  • My dogs just glow with this product. I used to have a table top of supplements, now I just have this one bucket and when it's gone I have a handy bucket to boot!
    — Sharon P., Salem, OH

  • I like the customer service and the ease with which I can adjust my shipments. But the most important factor for me is that your products are clinically tested and I know what's in them.
    — Teresa L., Los Angeles, CA