Supplements for Performance & Recovery

Platinum Performance® is the Official Sports Nutrition Supplement of the USEF & Title Sponsor of the USEF Talent Search Program

Supplementing the Show Jumper

Your feed and supplement program can be the difference between winning or not, especially when results come down to one rail, or hundredths of a second. Proper diet and supplementation provide the fuel and specific attention that your horse needs to perform its best when it's all on the line. Some of the top concerns for jumpers are muscle maintenance, joint support and gastric health due to the stress of competition. See our most popular formulas among show jumpers below.

Fueling Champions with the Power of Nutrition

We know that the smallest things can make the biggest difference. Building a nutrition plan around your performance horse’s specific needs can be that difference. Platinum formulas are designed to help your horse perform its best and recover effectively.

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