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An Inside View of Equine Reproduction From Theriogenologists Dr. Elaine Carnevale, Dr. Dickson Varner, Dr. Charlie Scoggin & Dr. Jennifer Hatzel. Learn More About Breeding Season Prep

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Dr. Dickson Varner

Texas A&M University

Real Clients. Real Results.

Garth Gardiner

Garth Gardiner

Platinum Performance® client since 2007

“Nutrition is key to any successful breeding program. When you have healthy mares that equates to strong weanlings, and the growth and development of your yearlings can directly impact your bottom line.”
— Garth Gardiner, Gardiner Quarter Horses

Bob Loomis

Bob Loomis

Platinum Performance® client since 2006

“Where we see the biggest advantage is using Platinum with broodmares from conception to foaling, while bone is developing. We also give it to the babies and yearlings to help them grow and develop.”
— Bob Loomis, Bob Loomis Quarter Horses

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