Using Fats as Fuel

Feeding supplementary fat sources in the diet can offer a wide array of benefits, particularly for equine performance. Fats can delay the onset of fatigue and can be used as a preferential muscle fuel, especially important for carbohydrate-sensitive horses that require low starch and sugar intake. Using fats as fuel results in less lactic acid production and reduces circulating cortisol levels associated with stress and exercise.

Cooler Burning Fuel

Formulas with high-quality omega-3 fatty acids, such as Platinum Performance® Equine and Healthy Weight flaxseed oil, provide cool-burning fat and a healthy fuel for your horse.

Platinum Joint Care Competition + HA

This formula is recommended to support normal, healthy levels of inflammation and oxidative stress that are commonly elevated in the high-performing athlete. Platinum Joint Care Competition + HA helps to maintain the synovial fluid that lubricates the joints by providing hyaluronic acid, cetyl myristoleate, Boswellia serrata and vitamin C. It is in full compliance for horses in competition.

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Client Success Stories

Ivy Conrado-Saebens

WPRA Barrel Racer, 4-Time WNFR Qualifier
Platinum Performance client since 2014

“When you’ve grown up in the industry, you see the results of every product on the market. Whether it’s joint health or recovery, Platinum is what I’ve gotten the best results with. JLo is a picky eater. But when you put Platinum in her tub, she licks it clean.”

Jan Ebeling

US Olympic Team, Dressage
Platinum Performance client since 2007

“Platinum gives my horses the competitive edge, helping to maintain their soundness and health. The horses love it, make supplementing so easy. Dressage can be a complex discipline, but Platinum brings simplicity to our program.”

Tatum Rice

NCHA Open Futurity Champion, NCHA Open World Champion & NCHA Open Riders Hall of Fame
Platinum Performance client since 2011

“Every year we start our futurity horses on Platinum products and I'm always amazed how good they look and feel. Our three-year-olds used to always lose weight come futurity time and now that we use Platinum products, they stay healthy and strong.”

Need Sound Advice?

Platinum Advisors are Here to Help

Platinum Advisors are seasoned equine nutrition experts and experienced horse owners who will listen to the specific needs of your horse, then provide scientifically-sound recommendations. The Platinum Advisor Team is a valuable resource you can trust.