Sign of Equine Neurological Disorders

The most common neurological problems in horses are EPM, wobbler syndrome, viral diseases and degenerative conditions such as EDM, which has been linked to vitamin E deficiencies in young horses. Sign of a neurological problem include:

  • Usually gait, may include staggering
  • Toe dragging or frequent stumbling
  • Asymmetrical loss of muscle mass
  • Muscle weakness and incoordination

University Study at University of California at Davis

Conclusions of a U.C. Davis study were that Vitamin E deficiency in mares and young foals may contribute to equine neurodegenerative diseases NAD and EDM.

For Best Results

A Natural Form of Vitamin E

Vitamin E works as an antioxidant, helping to enhance cell activity and protects cell membranes from free radicals. It is often used to help performance horses that experience temporary soreness or horses that require antioxidant support for a neurological health concern.

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Platinum Performance® client since 2013

“Two Carrot Diamond ‘Whoda’ is an 18hh Irish Draught and has a very weak immune system. If it is out there, Whoda will catch it. He had EPM last year and Lymes this year with a host of other minor issues in-between. Lab work indicated some immune issues. At the time my trainer and veternarian recommended Platinum. In his 18 months on Platinum, we’ve seen a tremendous improvement in his feet, tolerance for season changes and weight management. Thanks for a palatable and effective product. My three horses are all on Platinum.”
— Kimberley H.

Whispering Incognito

Whispering Incognito

Platinum Performance® client since 2003

“Whispering Incognito is a 9-year-old Morgan stallion who is 16 hands and Black/Bay. He just competed at the Morgan Grand Nationals and World Championships in Oklahoma City. Incognito won the Open Stallion & Gelding Hunter Pleasure, then was crowned World Champion in the Open Hunter Pleasure Championship! Incognito has been on Platinum since he was one. He has been battling EPM, but he is on mega doses of Vitamin E from Platinum to keep it at bay.”
— Jill

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